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    Hi . i am a male 45 years with normal kidney function but with a problem of high uric acid first detected approx 6 years ago.Initially the proble was controlled with small doses of homeopathic med but lately ive seen aggravvation .i have avoided allopathic medicene though i have used homeo and ayurvedic medicene.presently because of my polishing two bottles of local fruit wine  i have recorded urica acid  at 9.2 though i am asymptomatic without any pain/ ZYLORIC safe as a medicen-ive heard its a patent medicene for uric acid.also what bother options do i have-what about herbs etc-any good herb availaible inn the US-i can request my bro there to send it to me in india here


    Zyloric goes by the name Allopurinol in the U.S.  Many of us take allopurinol with great results.

    I have been on 300mg per day allopurinol for a few months.  I can eat/drink whatever I want.  I test my uric acid regularly.  It's now down in the 2s and 3s when I don't drink alcohol.  It's in the 3s and 4s when I drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of meat.  It had been 7 to 8 mg/dL before.  I had gout attacks off and on for maybe 8 years, culminating in an extremely bad one last summer.  It looks like all that is over now.  Allopurionol has been a godsend for me.

    As far as natural approaches to lowering uric acid… nothing works as well as allopurinol, but it helps to eat a good, mostly vegetarian diet, abstain from alcohol, and drink a lot of water each day.

    You say you have seen aggravation.  Do you mean you have had gout in the past?  If you have had gout before, and your uric acid is in the 9 mg/dL range, you should do something now to get it below 6 (hopefully below 5).

    Allopurinol (Zyloric) works great for many of us.  Talk to your doctor about it.



    Burroughs-Wellcome lost the patent for ZYLOPRIM (in USA,) ZYLORIC etc. around 1982. SInce then it is sold as the cheap generic drug, allopurinol.

    It works very well…homeopathic medicines do not.

    Some people can run a 9 uric acid without pain, but once you start getting attacks of FRANK gout (the FRANK meaning unmistakeable and extremely painful) in your big toe, intep or ankles, you'll know its time for the drug.

    There are several drugs to choose from but allopurinol is the cheapest, with fewest side effects. Probably tens of millions of people pop their 300mg. pill every day.

    If you need immediate relief from the attack, the best drug is colchine, probably very cheap in India, wheere most of it is made. *For ayurvedics, it's made from the Autumn Crocus.)Wink

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