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    November 09 my doc said my uric acid was high and prescribed 200mg of Allopurinol per day.  I said I had never had a gout attack as I remembered my father did, but took the drug.  July of 2010 I had a blood test to check kidney function and was shocked to find that my kidneys were functioning very badly.  In fact my kidney doctor said I was in “stage 4” and dialysis was stage 5!!!!!  I have had diabetes for about 10 years and back in Nov 09, my kidneys were at stage 2.  In 7 months my kidneys got very bad. During this time I worked very hard to get my diabetes managed.  Good thing I had that blood test!  I stopped the allopurinol immediately since I never had an attack.  My question is:  what will happen to me with high uric acid untreated with allopurinol?


    That really makes a change, a Doc getting in first- due to a history of gout in family on just one reading!

    Bad luck that it went a bit 'sideways'- I suppose he was hoping to 'kill two birds with one stone' and the main thing now is to see your kidneys improve, and worry about gout just a little later?

    You will be at risk now, stoppping the AP, as I found out recently- but as you haven't had attacks- bettter off placed to hopefully avoid a major attack and even niggles. Eventually Gout may kick in- with your history, so don't ignore it.

    Your Dr will no doubt come up with an alternative strategy -as he doesn't appear to be one who sits long, just looking at a problem!

    With Diabetes, matters are always complicated- so discuss it with him and stay posted. I'll be interested to see what gets done.



    I tried to get into this thread seveal times without luck…the first three words divert to a different link (and then I found the arrow on the right which I have never used.)

    Left untreated you wlll get gout from the high uric acid and probably that will damage your kidneys. Usually allopurinol is considered a kidney disease FRIENDLY drug so maybe stopping it is not good.

    Since Stage 4 kidney is SO serious you will need a crack nephrologist to do the balancing act, perhaps with second opiinions along the way. I doubt you will be able to take a ueicosuric so that means your choices are :

    1. Ignore the uric acid,

    2. try to control uiric acid with superhuman diet,

    3. go back on allopurinol

    4. try febuxostat.

    Sorry, I don't feel competent to make a recommendation. If it were for myself I would probably opt for #3.

    But of course, the first thing to do is get your staging redone after a month or so off the allopurinol. You need to know your baseline. How are you treating your diabetes?

    I do SO hope you can avoid dialysis or transplant…but many do very well with the latter.

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