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    While I'm still very new to gout, from what I'm learning is that high UA levels must be controlled most of the time with a UA lowering drug.  While many people feel the need to try and “manage” gout with lifestyle changes…the fact remains that their UA levels are probably still way too high and unfortunatelly they are deeming it successsful treatment because they have “no pain.” This seems unfortunate because even without pain high UA levels can still cause damage not only to joints, but to vital organs like your kidneys and heart.  Many people (including myself) have thought “what are the long-term effects of a drug like XYZ…but the reality of it is, high UA might be much more of a killer than Allopurinol, etc in the long-term.  I think this is especially important to know for younger people (like myself).  Yes, we could probably get by for years and years without a prescription, but will years and years of high UA cause irriversable damage to areas far worse than our feet, knees, etc???


    Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely.

    There are some of us round here who believe that the medical profession has not quite got a grasp on uric acid management. This seems to be a global problem, presumably because the ACR and EULAR work closely together, and everyone else follows their lead.

    It starts with 8.2mg/dL uric acid being classed as “normal”, and ends with unnecessary cripples.

    This is the front line cjeezy. Good to have you with us. You've come up with a Gout Cure Gem.


    Glad to help! Speaking of Allopurinol, how has your treatment been going? 




    Goodluck.  Keep us posted!



    Is that tomorrow or mañana ?


    mañana señor

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