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    It has been suggested to me that, as much of the cost of Killer Colcrys will be met by health insurance, then they might help the fight for generic colchicine.

    I'm cynical enough to believe that they will simply rub their hands with glee and raise the premiums.

    Any thoughts?


    Most people and, pretty well, all Gov't & Corporations  take the Line of Least Resistance- unless there are * big * bucks in it along the line, for doing otherwise.

    So you are probably 99% right GP!

    Sad commernt on human nature that it is….

    Insurers [esp.Car]  have long been notorious at sucking up costs- though I believe there was a recent move to get better 'value for money' from repairers.

    Given that private health care is the norm 'over the pond'- there is the chance that, in time the Cochicine issue will get a hearing if many make a noise- but as Gov't has apparently gone along with the scam so far- it won't happen soon!

    Gout is still a minority interest- though reported to be a growing problem.

    One factor to come out of this will be to make people REALLY sit up and take notice of who/what is running their life , health options and country also …


    Several years agon the FDA attempted to bring vitamins under prescription. Congress stepped in and said NO WAY.

    I guess we can hope things work this way again.

    Perhaps a judge might rule that the patent is not valid…after all, there must be several generic manufacturerrs with deep enough pockets to sue the FDA. It's done all the time.


    We must';t be too quick to assume that Health insurers will be picking up the cost of Killer Colcrys (I LOVE the name).

    For one thing, MANY private policies have no provisions for picking up ANY drug costs. I long had a plan that DID but only to the tune of 50%. Now I am on Medicare and I have Medicare D (the awful drug plan of the Bush years) and Colcrys, IF it is even allowed in the federal formulary will be classed as a non-preferred Brand Drug with a $58 co-pay per month's supply…if it is called a PREMIUM drug (not unlikely) my bite will be 33%. (As a preferred generic my cost was $4.)


    Of one thing we can be sure: now that doctors will be urged (bribed?) to peddle two very expensive drugs like Uloric and Colcrys, they will find that every ache and pain is gout. So it will no longer be the obscure compaint that doctors roll their eyes at but the glitzy new disease that is highly profitable…perhaps the largest prescribers can expect a new Mercedes in their garage as a way of the drug companies saying THANKS!

    I predict that within 3 months the New York Times Magazine will have a glossy cover with the word GOUT in 60 point type.

    I will write to my two Senators and voice my concern.


    I asked the pharmacist in my Supermarket yesterday if he noticed any trouble getting generic colchicine. He say no, the situation  is exactly as it was.

    That was heartening.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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