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    As one factor in Gout is excess weight, and include me in on that -I'm posting a link to a useful overview on the Hay Diet.

    Dr. Hay is long gone- but I have a great regard for his message and trying (once again) to incorporate his ideas in my diet.

    A recent post from Sebastian on a diet quest triggered the topic for me -so here is the link:

    For gout, the  other important factor in this diet apart from actual weight loss is the alkalising effect of more fruit and vegetables which is a natural result of watching food combining.

    I know this is not a high profile route for gout attack management- but for a long term protocol is one that can't be ignored, imo.


    I think the best part of the diet was the frequent enema.Laugh

    Fave bit of twaddle: low amounts of starches, proteins and fats to cure obesity…today that's called a low-calorie diet. To be technical though, it would seeem to allow LOTS fo sugar.

    These diets are a dime a dozen and if one counted back to the HAY'S diet of 1910 one could probably find 10,000 competitiors eager to sell you a book. THis one seems little different from most and a little less well thought out. He seems to like MAYONNAISE  on everything (a mix of a little protein and a LOT of fat)…I wonder if he later changed his name to HELLMAN. <tee, hee>

    These ancient diet gurus weren't big on consistency.


    Works for me. Nay gout with Hay

    George The Gout-Free Horse


    George the gout-free horse




    Recent reports of longevity point straight at limited calory diets as the major contributory factor..

    Now, I don't want to live for ever, but why make the journey harder?

    As to imminent fears of book buying ( is this a gout side effect?) there's so much on line and in second hands books that, for anyone interested, it's a low cost option.

    As to mayonaise- I did wonder- but if that's a penchant ,all the more human. I woulldn't consider their diet ideas listed anyway. It's up to the individual every time.It does need thought, though!

    Forget the horse-they don't get gout, afaik!  Nice pic.

    On the sugar- I'm not sure it's actually encouraged- in any case refined sugars are the 'bad'.

    Alcohol is far worse for dead calories. Not pointing any fingers…Cool

    For Mrs Seb: – don't let these comments affect your (drug) free enquiries.

    Richard Bell

    I agree, Trev. After all the reading I’ve done on this subject since August, I’m sure the thirty pounds I gained in the year previous to my current gout attack played a role. Just how large a role is hard to say but I’m eating less now than I had been and have actually lost a few pounds since August even though much of my time was spent laying around suffering from the attack. I’m not convinced on the veggie thing so much though. I mean there is lots of purine rich food out there even in veggies. (Hops in beer comes to mind.) We gout sufferers do need to take charge of our diets and maintain reasonable weight along with daily excersise and as I see it, Mom had the right advice, “Everything in moderation” (Except maybe purine rich foods.).


    Any weight loss is good in this context, not necessarily Hay based. It's not an easy one. It doesn't fit well with Leptin Diet I'm looking at either.

    All the same- Veg purines have been shown not to be a problem for gout in the same way that animal based ones are. Beer is a 'no no' on experiences  – and anyway yeast is ex living animal cell type.Hops have at least one hormone related constituent & it ain't slimming!

    I have tested the BP versus weight issue myself and there is a linear connection. High BP  is a definitely identified gout risk factor -along with plain overweight.

    A major interest in acidosis in the body is what started Hays' work & he ended up as director of 2 sanitoriums over 13 years, before he died by car accident.

    For Gouties-  body acid load seems to be a prime factor!

    This link is a store site- but ignore the extras , it's a good story with a [quite complex] Hay diet guide and a balanced critique.


    At the moment- due to trying to balance a good gout diet with weight loss & staying mostly vegetarian the Hay approach has had to take a back seat.

    It makes diet too complicated -and mostly clashes with Leptin diet considerations which are also important in my list. That one particularly wants split snacks/meals  @ 6 a day.

    The one major result of this initail trial was good though…..

    It made me realise that the only way to accomodate all the elements was to eat absolutely loads of veg as that is the only thing allowed with both Carbs and Protein in any amount.

    This is consumately healthy- more reports than ever stress the need to eat more veg for health -so Hay still has relevance for both general health and gout diet [weight loss+ plus allowable veg purines].


    If you need to lose weight, choose a well balanced diet food such as Weight Watchers, rather than a fad diet.Use low-fat milk-dairy products in eating. People are do their diet for improve their health or lose their weight.These are normally used to lose weight. maintain a proper diet and your weight. Do some physical activity like walking and arabics.

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