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    I am encouraging you to try this all natural gout medicine. It helped me significantly and I believe it can help you. Please don’t suffer any more start using: UrixTep

    i hope this helps you as much as it did me!

    hoping for the best,

    Keith Taylor

    Hi Steven, thanks for your recommendation about UrixTep Gout Treatment – Lower Uric Acid Levels Naturally Using Powerful Natural Super Foods including Moringa Leaves, Milk Thistle (SilyMarin), Curcumin and Bromelain (1 Bottle).

    As you know, I encourage sharing gout treatments that fellow sufferers have found effective. However, links should be clear, so I have edited your original obfuscated link to one that clearly identifies the product. That edit loses the IP address for non-logged-in contributors, so I’ve added it back to your post. Note that, if this is a product promotion, rather than a gout sufferer recommendation, then product links should normally be pre-approved. I’m in the process of making these terms and conditions clearer, since they only appear on the registration page at the moment, but now there is no restriction to who can post, so you never see those rules.

    Anyway, back to the UrixTep. This looks similar to other preparations that contain ingredients such as Moringa Leaves, Milk Thistle (SilyMarin), Curcumin and Bromelain. People have reported mixed results in the past. Maybe you could share a bit more information about how it helped your gout.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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