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    I've got gout so bad the doctors say they have never seen it this bad before. I have had 5 surgery's for this extremely painful stuff (hand,elbows and right knee with the left knee pending). Cashew peanuts, certain types of tuna & of course beer are the larger products for me and also when I have to stand on my feet for long periods of time.

    A few things that have helped me:

    1. An extremely hot bath, as hot as one can stand it, sit and soak, and when you can rub the joint that is effected. Ice is good until the joint starts to heat up and then it feels like someone is sticking multiple needles into the joint.

    2.Before I was married, I had a relationship with a young lady that I found out that man can live on bread and water alone. Yes her drive was very high but I did not have a flare up of gout during the entire time I was in the relationship-others that had bad gout problems told me this-but my current wife thinks I need a second and third doctors opinion on this matter-I now have gout flare ups.

    3.Water, water and more water. You need to drink as much as you can within reason.I do drink 2 cups of coffee a day-some say this helps reduce- but my current regiment of allipurinol is 600 mgs.Since I have increased the dosage (under doctors visits & blood test) the flare ups have decreased some what but they are still lerking.

    4.They say man will never know the pain of giving birth-I'm here to tell you that the gout runs a close second! With taking 2 10.5/500 miligrams of hydrocodone just to function so I can hobble to the office and then to the doctors office for an injection, sometimes I wonder if my ex-wife could not get this wonderful experience.

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