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    Keith Taylor

    You can now upload your own gout pictures.

    Gout Picture Insert

    Step 1 ? click the Image icon (a tree shown above) that appears towards the middle of the toolbar at the top of the message editing area.


    Dec 2010 ? Procedure changed. New Instructions Soon.


    Please note that by uploading your images, you are giving me full rights to distribute and/or amend the images as I think fit.

    Image uploading is enabled only for registered members who have logged in.


    Thanks Keith-

    I gave it a try and uploaded to your site OK .Cool  Saves messing with 3rd party sites!

    This was the last attack in June 09 -comparing bad L foot with almost normal R.

    Did I miss that box at the end before- or is it a new add on?

    I may have been put off by the url tag , which is still on there.

    It's a shame that feet aren't pretty to start with- but you do need samples on here and people need something to compare to, as well.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, or in gouts' case- 100   Wink    [   We like to share  Embarassed  ]



    I gotta admit, if I was going to publish a paperback on gout, that picture would be on the cover…CLASSIC PODAGRA, ala Henry VIII! It hurts just to LOOK at it.

    Apology, I only today realized I had an INBOX so I responded to your PM of a couple weeks ago about hypertension dosing.


    Thanks for those good instructions…I'd never SEEN that little tree icon before. Can we upload images directly from our hard drives or do we first have to install them on the web, as with PHOTOBUCKET or one of her sisters. I'd like to show my little finger (although NOTHING can compete with trev's left bunion.Surprised)

    Reread the instructions so it's directly from our computers….HOORAY!


    Thanks guys.

    Yes, this is a new feature that I’ve been wanting to add for ages.

    The tree icon has always been there for adding images from the web, but it now has the added browse button to access your computer drive(s) – including most directly connected cameras.

    There might be a restriction on some very large images, but other than that, you can upload as many images as you like, in any forum.

    And Trev, if we were in a foot prettiness competition, I don’t think you would lose 🙂


    Are you saying you've got worse Keith? 

    Roll 'em out! Surprised


    I must say that my biggie attack looked very much like trev's but it was my RIGHT foot…thank God it was only ONCE!

    (I hate to brag but I have BEAUTIFUL feet!)

    Oh and keith…How WONDERFUL not to have to add numbers any more  in order to post a message!


    As noted above, these instructions are a little outdated, as the upload feature in this forum has changed. I plan to update the instructions this week.


    For more gout pictures, see the Gout Picture Library, especially towards the end of that page where there is a new page about sharing photographs and other files using the Dropbox service.

    There are significant advantages with using that file sharing service, as it includes generous free filespace and tools to automatically backup all your important files (requires good Internet connection).


    As this forum is being replaced with new software, please search for instructions for sharing gout pictures. Please note that the free service for sharing large images or sharing lots of gout pictures is unaffected.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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