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    Hello all, I am new to site. Hope everyone is doing well and staying gout free. I have had gout for many years now (i am 36), and it was getting worse and worse until this year. I have been gout free for 6 months or so, which is very good. I was getting gout at least every other month or sometimes every month. About a month ago I was horseplaying at work and fell and my left knee landed on the sharp corner of a concrete walkway. Not a good feeling. After about 2 weeks of limping on the leg, my right knee got a bad case of gout. After a few days of that, it also went to my right ankle. After a few days of that, the knee started feeling great and then moved to my left ankle also. ugghh!!!! Now I have a full blown nuclear Gout in both ankles. So frustrating. I am taking 2 colcrys per day at the moment. But, I think this one is here for the long haul.


    You need more than just colchicine when gout is really bad.

    Colchicine limits inflammation from getting worse, but does not reduce it. To reduce inflammation, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a suitable anti-inflammatory. I prefer ibuprofen, but naproxen is also highly regarded by gout sufferers. Reducing inflammation does not always stop pain soon enough. For really bad attacks, you might also need a general pain blocking med, such as Tylenol (paracetamol). Again, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about an analgesic that is compatible with your chosen anti-inflammatory.

    I found that this allowed me to walk, and gentle exercise is good to keep joints mobile.

    See how to get gout pain freedom for more.

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