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    I'm in my early 40's but I feel as if I'm an experienced gout veteran.

    The length of my attacks vary…so I've come to believe that ?the gout attack you are on has to “peak” naturally before it starts to get better.? The best strategy I have for a rapid cure – mass hydration? – water, and nettle tea…and a great deal of peeing is the best strategy until your symptoms start to diminish.

    MANY of the posts of cures “baking soda, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, black bean juice, barley” are probably?coincidental – that is the symptoms were probably on their way down, not getting worse…believe me I've tried them ALL!

    I have a really hard time believing that something you eat and digest and breakdown through your stomach will have any effect on the uric acid accumulating in your joints.

    One thing for certain, Cherries, in their natural form do not work. I live in British Columbia Canada – Cherry country – I've eaten a wheel barrow full of cherries during a gout attack…with no effect or improvement whatsoever.

    There is a tablet called Goutrin, made by Organika that contains raw cherry extract which I believe may be more practical and effective.

    I've never had an instance where I've staved off an oncoming attack.


    I agree with you almost completely that a dietary regimen would be NICE, but they are all ineffective. It is a shame that some people must wade though all the claptrap advertised as cures before finding the drug regimen that actually DOES. THe internet is making the situation worse. THe years and years of delays is resulting in much more joint damage than necessary.

    Would someone avoid antibiotics if they had a severe infection becasue the internet touts tea tree oil or ginseng? Would they avoid quinine and turn to prayer if they caught malaria? Would a diabetic avoid his insulin and try Vitamin C megadosing?


    I disagree about needing to reach a pain/inflammation?peak before beginning to “cure.” I know from experience that an attack can be aborted with proper drugs an hour after it starts.


    It all depends on where you are on the attack/ pain curve and the risks you're prepared to undertake with drug?remedies for both long and short term issues in gout.

    It's a perfectly natural reaction that people try to find a holistic solution and who's to say how many manage to succeed and never come near? a GP site??

    I think?if you watch your diet and lifestyle and don't over indulge in alcohol ,there is a lot less pressure on your body and less need for medical intervention. If this becomes?absolutely necessary eventually, as it may well do with gout being hidden from awareness, then being informed to the max is No1 on the list , as Docs are often no more keen on competition than Big Pharma are from your own interventions!?

    IE: Think & act?for yourself- you take the hit on YOUR body!? [ Otherwise, Gout pain is a good teacher? ]


    Anyone have an answer to the OP's question on Goutrin? There are 7 people on Amazon who say that they are getting good results:


    In the interests of accuracy, there are 6 reviews from people recommending these herbs & 1 person recommending a different product that her husband takes.

    I've no doubt that some natural products will lower uric acid, and others will reduce inflammation and lower pain. I do have serious doubts about applying natural products in totally the wrong way.

    The approach to gout management through natural remedies is no different to the approach through pharmaceuticals. Failure to monitor and manage uric acid levels can lead to very serious health problems, that are easily masked for a few years by inappropriate treatments. I accept that some doctors play this form of Russian Roulette with their patients health, but I expect visitors here who are taking responsibility for their own health to have a little more self respect. Only 2 of the 6 reviewers bothers to mention the all-important uric acid, but neither shares their blood test readings. Suspiciously, both refer to the product as an effective uric acid neutralizer, without explaining this unusual term. Is this the placebo effect of persuasive marketing and product packaging, or is there a more sinister reason why 2 people would use similar, unfamiliar terminology. I'm an avid fan of Amazon, and regularly use product reviews to influence my buying decisions. However, I am aware how easy it is for producers and distributors to plant fake reviews, and even easier to generate fake 'high helpful review' rankings. In my case, the reviews here do not persuade me, but other people may think differently.

    Anyway, it's only $25 for a 60 day supply, so perhaps someone with their own uric acid meter would care to give us a meaningful review?


    I'm a 41 year old somewhat overweight male strict vegetarian (for 2+years). I am a natural medicine practitioner and have access to all dietary supplements inexpensively in addition to owning a Cold Laser Unit among other things. I say this because it has allowed me to try anything and everything people have suggested that didn;t involve drugs.? I had been getting gout attacks increasingly over the past few years. Last year I had 3 or 4 very severe attacks within a few months.


    At first, I thought I was getting relief from the black cherry juice. In the earliest episodes, the juice seemed to lessen the severity and duration. I have tried nearly everything people have recommended including the black bean broth. Nothing seemed to work.


    About a year ago, I told my doctor I wanted to go on a low dose of colchicine. As I have been slowly but steadily losing weight for the past 2 years, I felt that my gout was triggered by uric acid released from fat cells especially made worse by a history of high protein diets over the years (I am now a strict vegetarian). This theory was taken from John McDougall, MD (

    Other than avoiding sugar sodas, which seemed to trigger an attack before I started the colchicine, and not drinking a lot of beer, I have not had a single bad attack in about a year. I have the occasional stiffness in the big toe which either leads me to take an extra colchicine or take an indomethicine. The stiffness or tingle never lasts more than half a day.


    As I said ? I am in natural medicine. I detest taking pharmaceuticals. However, this drug has given me back my life. I have a cane I needed to use several times when I would get the attacks and could barely walk from my bedroom to the bathroom. That cane now has a layer of dust as it hasn't been touched in a year. So what I take is .5mg Colchicine every morning. I have not experienced any side effects from this. On the very rare occasion I take an? indomethicine, I get a little spacy but it's sort of fun so I don't complain about it 🙂


    I just wanted to let people here know what worked for me.


    Colchicine is a truly remarkable drug and in fact the?longest tested drug in the history of makind.


    BUT it is for the control of the pain of a gout attack and ultimately stopping the attack. It is NOT good long term control of the CAUSE of the gout which is high uric acid which precipitates into joints.


    Taking Colchine as the sole agent for gout control is similar to a patient who despises surgery and instead choosed to use demerol, or oxycodone to control the pain?of a brain tumor or an appendicitis. Yes the pain will stop but the disease will likely kill the person.


    “What really works from experience?”


    (and keep the colchicine for emergencies.)


    I'd love to say it was Zip2play's wise words that convinced me on daily allopurinol, but it actually took a large bang on the head!SurprisedLaugh


    The?Global?Healthy?Living?Foundation, a patient advocacy group that seeks to help people with chronic illnesses, is speaking before an FDA hearing on June 21st and is looking for a patient with?gout?to testify about his or her experiences.?

    We know the suffering and struggle over access to medications or care that?gout?patients endure, and we are speaking from the advocacy side to the FDA. However, your message, and your words, should be represented. Before the members of the Arthritis Advisory Committee treat any subject concerning?gout?or vote on approving any new measures or drugs, they must understand.?

    If you live in DC/Maryland metro area and are willing to share your experiences?livingwith?gout?for a very short presentation (3-5 minutes) before a committee on June 21st, please get in touch with us, emailing me at [email protected] calling (845) 348-0400 for more information. Please contact us as soon as possible because the names for speakers must be confirmed by May 28th.?

    Thank you so much.?

    All best,?


    Keith (Gout Admin) said:

    I'd love to say it was Zip2play's wise words that convinced me on daily allopurinol, but it actually took a large bang on the head!SurprisedLaugh

    I hope you don't have to fall 14 feet for your next AHA moment.Wink

    I also hope everything is healing well!Smile


    (I was WONDERING how long you were going to avoid my advice.)

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