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    I feel that I should bring my gout experience to the attention of the forum as it may be of use to someone.

    On the 8 May this year, my birthday, I developed a sore foot after walking a significant distance, In the evening it became unbearable with the great toe throbbing; I could not bear weight on it and could not sleep. The next Day I went to the hospital, was diagnosed with gout and possible infection and was discharged with an antibiotic. Four days later my toe was seen to be inflamed, with an indication of blackness and swelling of the foot. Back to hospital, and I was diagnosed as having osteomyelitis with the possible addition of gangrine. The infection was established to be your common staphylococcus aureus and it all happened within one week!!! I had never had gout before nor any indication of an infection. Since diagnosis I have had three debridement operations and am still having the reultant wound treaated, Gout is still a prolem

    Requests to the medical profession as to how this occurred drew an absolute blank and I am left to my own conclusions which are: high uric acid causes crystal deposits on the bone joints and the surrounding flesh becomes damaged. Any infection that is in the blood stream goes immediately to the damaged area and causes problems.

    Has anyone had a similar experience, or, would like to comment?

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