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    6 weeks ago I had a very bad attack of Gout whilst abroad. Both knees, ankles and left big toe. Totally ruined the holiday, after two beers and a piece of fish!

    Trouble is it is still there, doctor refuses to refer me to a specilaist stating the back pain is just age, I am 38. The trouble is that before an attack my lowere back around the kidneys is tight.

    I am getting angry now, have tried apple cider vinegar, cherry juice and all the normal medication.

    Anyone got the same problems??Embarassed


    You must seriously start managing your uric acid levels.

    If your doctor will not put you on a proper uric acid lowering regime, then get another.

    It is absolutely pointless fooling around with cherry juice, ACV and other stuff. Even if it has any merits, how would you know if you cannot measure the result?

    Get your uric acid below 6mg/dL and keep it there for a year.

    Are you drinking enough water? “Tightness around the kidneys” sounds a bit of a problem that really needs some proper medical attention. If you cannot get it from your doctor, then I can only suggest the emergency department of your local hospital.

    More information would be useful – what is “all the normal medication?”



    Back pain is not usually associated with gout but there are some that believe that almost ALL joint pain is uric acid related…so who knows? As a back pain sufferer for several decades, I know that back spasm can radiate all over the area. Thus the kidney pain you feel is quite likely to be the back muscles going into spasm. The only way you would get ACTUAL kidney pain is if you have formed stones and these get stuck on the way out. And then the pain is a SCREETCHING affair…not to be confused with anything else on Earth.

    “Back pain at 38 is just AGE?”…the man is a FOOL, get another doctor.

    The NORMAL medication for gout pain is colchicine, not cherries and vinegar…sorry.

    Get on daily allopurinol but don't count on back  relief.

    THe perplexing thing about your ruined vacation  is that an attack of acute gout USUALLY involves one joint, not both knees, ankles, and big toe all at once. Have your doctor run a compete rheumatoid panel.

    How long have you been suffereing from confirmed gout?

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