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    New here, would just like to say, “thanks”. Going through it with others is way better than going at it alone. The following is a surmise of what happened in my case. Chime in, as I'd like to hear all your thoughts.


    I'm middle age, six foot and some change, normal weight and build. Average Joe, really. Just found out Dad has gout.


    Had my first attack one year ago when I started to gorge on Cajun shrimp. Ate it everyday for a week, everyday! It was an addiction. (It was that good, I still miss it.) And then KAAPOW, I didn't know what hit me. Speaking with friends that are sufferers, the conclusion was obvious. Took about two weeks to clear my system. It was the longest two ever.


    About a month ago I started to juice, due in great part of the documentary, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” Fear motivates me. I drank and drank juice. One week, I drank A LOT of spinach juice, nothing but almost. Feeling pretty good and then KAAAAAPOWW! The most horrible onset of gout. My toe swelled to epic proportions and tophi developed. Lived on Advil and donated extended release indocine.


    Three weeks in I started to hydrated religiously with lots of water, drinking cherry juice, and even resorted to baking soda.


    This fourth week, I can start to walk. The pain is still there, but subsides when I stay off of the foot. Doing just water now and Advil from time to time. Swelling is slightly better in the morning, worse after standing on it during the day. Tophi is still there. Toe looks and feels bruised. Bend the toes, wondering if it's become arthritic.Hoping I'm over the hump.


    Again, would love to hear your comments.


    The stuff you are doing might give you a little temporary pain relief, but it will not stop uric acid deposits eating into your joints. Gout will keep coming back until you get uric acid to 5mg/dL, or below. It will get worse, and spread to more joints unless you control uric acid.

    Please do not do what I did, and leave it too long. You need to learn your uric acid number as soon as you can, then do something to lower it. You should get some good advice on the best way to do this here, once you post your test result number, and your feelings about easy uric acid lowering meds vs hard and strict diet control.


    Keith summed it up pretty well. Sounds like it's allop time. Make sure you get a script for Colchicine it's the best thing to stop the attacks. Good luck Limpy

    Keith Taylor

    In my opinion, it is time to start a gout management plan. It is too
    early, without the information I described in my final sentence to know
    what specific action to take. Allopurinol (correctly dosed and manged),
    supported by colchicine during the early weeks or months, is undoubtedly
    the best program for most gout sufferers. However, it always works best when it is planned properly, with clear goals, and a review of other options to ensure that both gout patient and doctor are fully aware of their responsibilities and requirements and expectations.


    Remember too that gout is a sporadic disease. Because a bout of pain has ceased is no reason to assume that your gout is gone or has even gotten better.

    The normal course?of early gout is long periods of normalcy. And, of course, being human, we can then go into denial: it probably wasn't gout; some people only get a single attack; maybe if I drink lots of water; gee I'd hate to take a drug if I didn't NEED it; I;ve got pain killers, what more do I need. And on and on.


    To treat the disease properly you must treat??the disease at it's core: you must lower the amount of circulating uric acid in your serum either by forming less of it or excreting more. And you must KEEP it low forever or at least for whatever passes for a HUMAN forever.


    Laying up stores of indomethacin and?colchicine may be wise but it is NOT the proper?treatment of gout any more than laying up stores of morphine to treat cancer.


    The best and most/only cost conscious way to properly control gout for a lifetime is daily allopurinol in doses close to the average dose of 300 mg./day…more if you name begins with a K.

    ?For some very few ?who cannot tolerate the drug, then the answer may lie with febuxostat, probenecid, benzbromarone (dependng on country.)


    But agents that stop or ameliorate an attack should be looked on only as adjunctive therapy.


    zip2play said:

    … average dose of 300 mg./day…more if you name begins with a K.

    Ha ha ha. laughlaughlaughlaughlaugh

    That deserves the return of the smileyskiss

    and you resisted the temptation to follow with the u, the n, and the t

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