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    Dear fellow gout sufferer,

    I would like to share a simple and cheap way to deal with gout.

    I have suffered from gout, on and off for 5 years. Yes I am on high blood pressure drugs and I have talked to GP's and hospital doctors about my excruciating gout attacks, but they really either do not understand or do not care.

    So I have found that by taking 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda in a glass of spring water with a tablespoon or more of Organic Cider Vinegar, works like pure magic!!

    This simple drink really works. I take it at night before bed. And if I ever get a flair-up, I just take an extra dose and it goes away!!

    Use a large glass, it fizzes up and it is not an unpleasent taste. I know just how painful gout is and this has really been the answer.


    Sally, you just turned on my light!!!

    My father had gout, as long as can remember. ( In the forties and fifties)

    I have had gout for the last 27 years and I am presently on gout meds:Uloric. I have tried the bicarb bit, but no luck. I am using (almost daily) apple cider vinegar in my salads, because I like the taste of it. No positive side effects. But, as I said, you just turned on my light. My father used to fix a big glass of regular water (no such thing as spring water at that time for us), a teaspoon of bicarb, and several drops of 80% regular, concentrated vinegar (no such thing as Organic Cider Vinegar either at that time for us. We are talking Germany before and after WWII.)
    ?While he had gout , I don't recall that he ever complained about bad attacks and pain or inflammation. And I used to make and drink that bicarb/vinegar mix and, yes, did it ever fizz. I also liked it.?

    I make my own distilled water and I have, of course, ACV. I shall give this a try and see if it will control my SUA and any flares, twinges, attacks.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


    I knew there was something wrong with my light switch, yesterday. When the light came on, it was on “low”. Now, after turning it up, more light is falling on that subject of “bicarb/vinegar mix”. It's an “old wife's tale/old country doctor's” recommendation: When you have severe “Heartburn” you fix a tall “bicarb/vinegar” drink. My father suffered from such severe heartburn, so did I, until 4-5 years ago (I got that solved, but that is another story.)

    And here starts the fairy tale which the Grimm Brothers could have told any better, the only problem is that the fairy tale is as true and real as you and I are right now. Hold off with your question: What does HEARTBURN have to do with GOUT? Nothing and everything.

    Sally, you may wish to consult Zip regarding my
    comments about “gout/heartburn and bicarb/vinegar drink”. He lives
    the double life of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. During the day, he is
    the good Dr. Jekyll=God Gout who tells gouties what gout is all about and how
    to fight and control/manage it. At night, he turns into Mr. Hyde=Devil
    Alchemist who brews up all sorts of drinks and can tell you what chemicals he
    uses and how they interact with each other and what they can and can't do. I
    hope, you catch him when he is willing to share his knowledge and experience
    how bicarb and vinegar work together.


    To get back to: ? HEARTBURN/GOUT and Nothing and everything.

    Heartburn doesn't have anything to do with gout. It does not cause gout, promote gout, reduces

    gout: Nada, nothing, zilch, zip, zero. However, indirectly, it has everything to do with gout. How so? Heartburn is caused by too much hydrochloric acid (HCl, a very strong acid) in your stomach that rises in your body up the pipe through which your food comes down, to the point where you feel your heart is in flames and burning to a crisp. (Therefore the expression: Heartburn) If you want to know more about HEARTBURN/hydrochloric acid, go to:

    Now, your bicarb is: NaHCO3 and your vinegar is: CH3COOH (also known as acetic acid which is a weak acid.)

    Go ask Zip what happens when those two get friendly with each other.


    I'll continue my fairytale tomorrow.



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