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    To my knowledge there are no foods that have been conclusively proved to lower uric acid.

    I have seen some references to herbs used in traditional far eastern medicine that might reduce uric acid through natural compounds that act like allopurinol. I need to research this further, so if anyone has seen any recent research on this, please share it here.

    I have a theory, backed up to some extent by research, that a diet rich in antioxidants can reduce uric acid, which is our own natural antioxidant. There is more about this on my Gout and Tomatoes page.

    Please note that everything I have seen relates to fairly small reductions in uric acid, and is far from a proper clinical gout trial. Most gout sufferers have uric acid levels way in excess of the required 6mg/dL, and it is unlikely that food products could produce a big enough uric acid reduction.

    Al O’Purinol

    I know medications that reduce uric acid but not many foods that do so. Are there any?

    Al O’Purinol

    What foods can I eat to  lower my uric acid levels?


    I cannot add much to my earlier post.

    If it really is the antioxidant content of tomatoes and other ingredients of the uric acid reducing soup, then it makes sense to switch some of your diet to high antioxidant foods.

    Note that I say switch – not simply increase your food intake by adding a few berries. Weight control is probably more important than types of food for gout.


    My husband has suffered from severe gout attacks (knees, toes, ankles, hands and possibly his shoulders) for more than 25 years. He is now 73. Colchicine has given him the fastest, most complete relief. He has had 2 total knee replacements. After all this time, we have at last figured out what triggers these attacks: tomatoes – of any kind in any products.

    I've learned to make 'fake' tomato recipes by using ripe red bell peppers as a substitute. He has not had a single attack ever since. No other foods cause him any problems at all.  




    I used to suffer from gout quite often. I learned that taking FOLIC ACID tablets worked. I eat what I want and take folic acid once a day with my vitamins. My friend was paying $80 a month for prescription medican to treat his gout. He quit the prescription and started folic acid tablets and no more gout.

    Folic acid is $4.00 a bottle of 300 at any CVS or Walgreens or any store that sells vitamins.

    The folic acid nutralizes the uric. THIS WORKS!


    The internet claims of folic acid as a xanthine oxidase inhibitor (what allopurinol does) calls for taking 10,000- 40,000 micrograms folic acid a day. That's up to 100 pills/day in the iver the counter 400 microgram size. Few people can take pills in that quantity.

    My allopurinol Rx costs me $4.00 per month at Target Pharmacy.

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