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    Please accept my apologies for the broken forum profile page. It is now working OK, and you can access it using the link here, or by selecting Your Profile from the Members menu near the top of each page.

    Adding some facts about yourself and your gout will really help you get more from the forum. Use the box labeled Biographical Info to describe some facts about your gout. When you ask a question, add a line such as “please see my profile for more information”

    That saves you from repeating your history every time you ask a question. More importantly, people can understand you better, and frame their responses in the best way to help you.

    Why not add a little information to your gout profile today?


    If you have a YouTube account, you can now link this on your Profile as well. Don’t do what I’ve just done though, and create a new account. It’s better to link all your social networks to just one account.

    Login as normal, then you should be at your Member Welcome page. If not, you can get there from the Members menu near the top of each page. Just hover your mouse over Members, then click on My Profile.

    Scroll down to where it says “Connect your account to one or more social networks”
    Then click all the social networks that apply to you.
    Check your Gout Profile is up-to-date.
    Go to your social networks and tell the world how good GoutPal is!

    Thank you from Keith

    Keith Taylor

    I’ve just added extra fields to your Personal Gout Profile.

    This will make it much easier to keep track of your personal gout facts. These facts are very important for helping you manage your gout. They keep you focused on what is important, and they give information to others that helps us all give better advice.

    I’m about to write some guidance notes about each of the new profile boxes. I hope they are easy to use, and I’d like you to update your profile now.

    Please tell me if I need to clarify anything.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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