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    After a gout attack in Nov. 09, I bought the UAsure test kit and recorded an average of 7.8 mg/dL based on 4 measurements taken in Jan and Feb 2010. I visited a rheumatologist and he said my uric acid measurements were fine for some people but for someone having had a recent gout attack, they are too high and need to be reduced to below 6 mg/dL and preferably below 5.

    Thus, I started on 300 mg Allopurinol per day beginning on Feb. 19 for a total of 7 daily doses to date, and measured my uric acid tonight using the UAsure test kit to be 3.6. I was amazed at the fast reduction and have had no noticeable side effects from the drug. I also note that some tenderness areas on my foot and arche seem to have gone away as well, so at least for now, I am happy about my apparent progress.

    I wanted to post this info for those on the fence wondering if Alopurinol is right for them. So far, I am very pleased but of course a bad experience (reaction) could reverse my thinking overnight.Wink


    Hi Leonard,

    Great to know the progress you made with Allopurinol 300mg. And you do have a good rheumatologist otherwise most of them do not realize the importance of bringing SUA below 6 and even below 5.

    I also had similar kind of reduction when I increased my dose to 300 mg, my SUA levels dropped to below 4 within a week. And I did not get any gout attack while the foot improved. There were few drowsiness related minor reactions.

    So, based on my experience, I think you should be good to go without any adverse reaction in the coming days.


    Utubelite – Good input – thanks. I've been worrying about a possible gout attack in the early days of taking Allopurinol and didn't have a clue as to when I could assume the danger had passed. In fact, my doc gave me a prescription for prednisone 5 mg tabs just in case the A. did trigger a gout attack and so I've been on “alert” but fortunately, no attacks yet so maybe I'm out the woods for now.

    Despite the good numbers, I don't like the idea of being on a daily dose of anything for the rest of my life. Maybe I should just admit I'm like many others in the world and don't fret about it, but I will at least talk to my doc about reducing the dosage (maybe cut the 300 mg pills in half) in a few months. I do have a weight loss goal of 13 lbs so I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing until that goal is met.




    Good for you. I too had no further attacks nor a single side effect after going immediately on allopurinol. I went on 400 mg. and got a 4.7 lab test a month later .

    After a year or two I went to 300 mg. and stayed below 6.0 for a decade.

    Warning: then I went to 200 mg, thinking that lasix-losartan would keep my SUA low. I got a lab of 6.7 and too many joint twinges. Back to 300 mg. and all is well.  So do not be too quick to snap that allopurinol in half. Almost nobody controls his gout with 150 mg. allopurinol.

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