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    I was looking for data on Oat Milk, which I'm trying- and came across a more useful node on this site which is marked copyright so I won't reprint.

    It says that exercise increases the activity of the lymph system, in fact it's the only mechanism that does the job in the first place.

    They mention uric and lactic  acid build up causing problems in general, not gout specifically.

    I know that heavy exercise causes lactic acid build up- it's the old problem of balance between circulation activity and subsequent by products of the same.

    Hence, always,  the stress on gentle exercise being better for health.

    Anyhow, to add to the usual confusion- oatmeal is shown as acidic here on the extensive Ph  comparison list. I thought it was on the alkaline side. So the search for truth goes on.

    However, the points  about exercise and acidity were apt- and I'll continue to try and untangle the dietary implications as ongoing business.

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