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    Hi everyone, I’ve heard heavy exercise raises uric acid levels. When you’re on Allop with UA below 6 can heavy exercise be resumed again? The reason I asked is because I just started some pretty intense spinning classes again 2-3 days/wk, however would like to do them everyday. I’m ok with the classes but don’t want to trigger an attack.Any input?


    Spinning can be pretty brutal so just make sure you stay well hydrated and all should be well.


    Its very brutal, but I love it. I try to drink about 20 oz of water before the class, 12 oz during and another 12 oz afterwards. Will this exercise limit Allop’s effectiveness? I thought dehydration didn’t matter as much when a person was on this Rx.


    Dehydration ALWAYS mattes becasue if you lose ENOUGH water you raise the concentration of uric acid from soluble to insoluble.


    Any recommendations for gout sufferers for a good exercise that will raise the heart rate without causing an attack as easily? Also, hypothetically, say my UA was around 5 and had a hard workout (spinning, whatever), and it raised levels above 6 or 7, how long “on average” would you think it would take to trigger an attack? That night, 12 hrs, 24hrs, 48hrs Wouldn’t taking your next Allop dose stabalize these levels and help prevent an attack? Just things I’m wondering while I’m trying to get back into shape 🙂

    Thanks as always



    I do spin classes twice a week and go to the gym about 4 times a week total.

    I have been ok but it used to affect me badly. I take 300 Alopurinol.

    I drink loads of water before during and after working out .

    My dr told me that my uric acid level was low enough to increase my exercise program.

    I think its very important that you get your dosage right.


    I think low impact  aerobic excercises are the safest. Something like an elliptical trainer or a stationary bike being better than running (which is a lot of foot and knee impact…just what we want top avoid.)

    HEAVY strength training breaks down lots of muscle tissue and liberates lots of nucleic acid, so these might not be wise for someone “on the cusp.”

    But if your allopurinol level is high enough to keep you at 5.0 say, you can probably do almost any exercise you want as long as you don't dehydrate, so choose a nice air conditioned gym rather than an outside track in 90 degree heat. Alas for us, very little uric acid is exreted in sweat. Dammit, becasue I love to steam and sauna.

    I can do any exercises I want and I do a lot of strength training. But yesterday I got caught in the rain (which I hate) and did a reasonably long run home (several blocks.) That run made me realize how very hard it is to subject knees to pavement pounding under a 200 pound man in his 60's…I don't think I will be repeating that exercise anytime soon. Lesson learned, and the lesson involves an UMBRELLA!!


    I feel an indepth study of gout and exercise coming on, but I'll resist for now.

    Simple, unresearched, view off the top of my head is:-

    • As zip2play says, strenuous exercise is a known uric acid producer, but allopurinol should reduce this, at least in part
    • Long term exercise lowers uric acid production. I do not know if allopurinol affects this.
    • Conclusion – as long as you do not exercise immediately before bedtime, then exercise should be beneficial.

    Now watch me fall on my face when I check the allopurinol, exercise and uric acid studies.Wink

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