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    Hi. I read awhile back that there are different kinds of gout. If it stays in the foot its is of one variety if it goes to the knee it is other and in the upper parts of the body yet another. Is there any truth to this? I ask because when I have an attack in my foot I can releave it rather quickly with the famous BBB but in the case of it in my knee or shoulder it is not effective. My MD just relies on the pain meds but I dont like taking them and they dont really work anyway. Like everyone eles I am just trying to find away to make life a little better(less pain). ThanksConfused


    I've just heard of gout and pseudo-gout.  Both are forms of arthritis, but one is from urate crystals and the other I believ from calcium build up.  I'm sure someone else will chime in



    Unfortunately by having gout we get no special absolution from torn knee cartilages, from ripped apart shoulder rotator cuffs, or from osteoarthritis, costochondritis, blown vertebral discs, shin splints and twisted ankles..

    So a joint that is gouty responds well to gout treatment but other pains may have nothing to do with uric acid and may have  to be dealt with the same way that non-gouty people deal with them.


    Thanks: My knee and shoulder are from gout. The one I could not rember was pseudo-gout. A shot or three of indomiacin will fix it but I was kinda hoping the BBB would work. It has been a blessing for my feet. Love this siteEmbarassed


    Hi Dan,

    You really, truly, absolutely, undoubtedly need to manage your uric acid levels.

    It is the only way to stop the gout affecting an increasing number of joints in an increasingly painful manner.

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