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    Arthur Eyetiss

    I’ll be taking a trip to New Orleans in January.  I would love to be able to eat crawfish and redfish.

    I have looked at the tables, and most list crawfish as relatively low in purines.  Redfish is considered moderately high, I think.

    I’m not a drinker, so would it be safe to enjoy a plate of crawfish étouffée or plate of blackened redfish?

    Is Crawfish Bad for Gout?

    See the purine count for crawfish (aka crayfish).

    Crawfish Meal for Gout Sufferers
    Crawfish Meal for Gout (click for details)

    For people interested in food and gout (as opposed to diet and uric acid), I recommend a GoutPal Plan for Gout Foodies.

    For current discussions see the crawfish and gout forum.


    The answer depends entirely on what your uric acid level is, and what you are doing to manage it.

    Arthur Eyetiss

    I have been on 500 mg of probenecid daily for the past two years.  My uric acid level is usually around 6.  I also take .6 mg of colchicine twice a week, but I am trying to ween myself off of it because it is tearing up my stomach and intestines.  I haven’t had an attack during those two years.

    I stay away from alcohol, shellfish, and organ meats.  But, I would really like to enjoy my trip to New Orleans and enjoy the local food.

    When I ask my doctor about what could happen if I eat certain foods, he smiles and says, “Everybody is different”, which is really no help to me.


    No help to you at all. Find a better doctor.

    Keith Taylor

    Yesterday, I started my review of crawfish for gout sufferers at Is Crawfish Bad for Gout?

    I will continue with the details for dieting and for uric acid control. Then I’ll delete this old discussion.

    Note that the new gout forum is active. But there is only one small reference to crawfish in the fish and uric acid discussion. So rather than commenting there, it is best if you start a new topic about crawfish and gout.

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