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    I’ve had a little hiccup with my guest author scheme, but I’m determined to make it better. For the best scheme, I need many authors, so I’m hoping you might want to join in.

    Guest authors are anyone who wants to write about gout. You might be a gout sufferer who wants to share their experience to help other sufferers understand how to cope with gout. You might be a healthcare professional who wants to explain some practical tips for managing gout. You might be a gout product vendor who wants to give their product some exposure. I want guest authors who can write about all aspects of gout in a way that does not exploit other people.

    You can see an example at today’s Get Your Uric Acid Levels Checked. Bob has written the article to which I have added an introductory paragraph and some closing text. I’ve also added a link back to Bob’s website. That is his reward for creating the article, and guest authors also get a profile page.

    This is deliberately easy, and there are no real guidelines, other than not exploiting others. That means not misleading others. Different opinions are welcome. I will help all I can.

    You do not need to worry about being a proficient writer – that comes with practice. Just have something worth saying that takes 300 – 600 words. I’ll help you add structure, check spelling, etc, if you need it. All you need to do is express an interest, and I will open an author account on, and contact you privately with more information.

    What have you got to say about gout?

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