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    hi any news on this theraphy? its been a long time the last time from the last post


    I am not aware of any research since the two studies that I refer to in Laser Therapy For Gout Gives Instant Pain Relief.

    Has anyone any personal experiences to report?


    It sounds like the treatment is llittle, if any, better than an NSAID and Alleve or Indocin is a LOT cheaper.

    I doubt if most insurance companies in the United States would pick up the tab.

    My first thought is what possible use could concentrated light on the skin be in the alleviation of pain inside a joint…except perhaps the heating effect (urates dissolve in heat) which you could easily get with a simple heating pad or an infa-red lamp.

    I am quite skeptical.


    I'm also skeptical, but not yet quite at the point of total disbelief.

    I doubt it can have any long term benefit in terms of lowering uric acid, but it might well be beneficial in blocking pain.

    The explanation put forward is that the low frequency waves interfere with the passage of pain signals along the nerves. A kind of electro-acupuncture.

    If it works, then it might be a useful complement to the early stages of urate lowering therapy such as allopurinol. Without this, it simply masks a potentially dangerous situation – i.e. failure to tackle the underlying uric acid build-up is leaving gout patients at risk of serious kidney and bone damage.


    I'm going to stick my neck out on this one: It's Quackery and any benefits are placebo effects.

    Magnets are a lot cheaper and a trip to Lourdes a LOT more pleasant…and maybe cheaper.

    If I were to try something in this vein I would give ULTRASOUND a hopeful shot at pain relief…at least there's penetration.

    Remember, it wasn't too long ago that they were escorting arthritis and gout patients deep into radium mines where they could bathe in the comforting gamma radiation…and then die of cancer a few years later.

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