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    Keith Taylor

    The interest in massage for gout continues to grow.

    I’ve summarized the latest information in Massage for Gout Relief. However, questions continue to roll in. Only today, I was asked: “Can I manually massage out gout crystals in my toes?”

    Now, that to me sounds very dangerous. Inflamed tissue should not be massaged, and I urge you to carefully read the advice I summarized on the page above.

    Our original discussion about superficial and deep gout massage therapy:

    Massage Therapy for Gout

    Massage therapy is very helpful in the management of gout by promoting blood circulation to the affected area and thereby reducing inflammation and swelling. As gout is caused due to poor diet and lifestyle hence the massage therapy will only be of benefit when it is used along with diet and lifestyle modifications.

    Does Massage Help Gout>

    Importantly, you should understand the difference between superficial and deep massage. These distinctions are important when massaging gout sufferers. If your massage therapist cannot explain the different types of massage, and how they affect your gout, then you should seek a new therapist.

    When is Foot Massage good for Gout?
    When is Foot Massage good for Gout?

    Which brings me to a question of my own: Do you know a good gout massage therapist? Please share your gout massage story here so that other gout sufferers can benefit.

    Leave Can you massage your joint to break down crystals to read the facts about Massage for Gout Relief.

    Al O’Purinol

    Gout Crystals

    I seem to have crystals on the ball of my foot.  They are not painful while walking but bother me at night. I have had gout but take tart cherry upon onset and the gout in my toe disappears.  I am wondering if these crystals are gout related or nerve related?  Tart Cherry works so well as a natural treatment for gout.


    Gout can involve multiple joints.   In my case, there is a numb feeling in my upper ball joint just under the toes.   It is usually my small toes that hurt, especially if I walk too far.   It is not just the big toe.  It can also spread to the wrists, ankles, and other parts of the body.   Doctors call it polyarticular gout.  

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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