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    I was just wondering if anyone knows if smoking affects your uric acid levels. Is it okay to take Allopurinol while taking Black Cherry Pills? I am 22 not overweight I am 135lbs and 5'7'' I dont know what I am doing wrong I watch what i eat i get enough excercise at work and i drink on special ocasions so what is wrong wit me. Is it bad genes or what? When taking Allopurinol how much water do i have to drink because sometimes i jus forget to drink extra water and i think that wats gonna mess me up in the long run.



    I know you do not want to take allopurinol every day, but you are making too much of this and letting it get you down.

    All you require of your doctor is enough allopurinol to get your uric acid level below 6mg/dL, and a frequent monitoring schedule to ensure it stays that way. Then you can do whatever you want with your life.

    Life is not perfect. I had to wear glasses from the age of eight. There is no problem wearing glasses everyday. There is no problem taking allopurinol every day. These things are there to help us make the most of our lives.

    Lots of people will give you advice about what you should and should not do. It's up to you to make the choices that work for you. It may not be fair, but people have a lot worse things to put up with.

    Just take the allopurinol. If after a year or so you can see that your levels have stayed below 6, and you have had no gout pain, you might be able to take short breaks from allopurinol. Down the line, other treatments may become available. Who knows?

    You can do nothing about most inherited conditions. At least with gout you can fix things very easily with a simple pill or two. Take control today – get your allopurinol dose set to bring uric acid below 6mg/dL and keep it there. If your doc will not do that, then find another – many simply do not understand gout or how to fix it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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