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    Hi im new here im 34 yrs old ive been having gout attack for 10yrs now and i had my last attack 2week ago and it was bad it shift from my hand to m knees to my feet it lasted 2weeks, now i’m thinking of trying the bee venom teraphy, i just want to know if any of you guys have tried this? How did it work for?


    I wouldn't risk it when there are much more proven treatments available:

    Abstract (nociceptive means “causing pain”)


    Prog Neurobiol. 2010 Oct;92(2):151-83. Epub 2010 Jun 15.

    The nociceptive and anti-nociceptive effects of bee venom injection and therapy: a double-edged sword.

    Chen J, Lariviere WR.



    for Biomedical Sciences of Pain and Institute for Functional Brain

    Disorders, Tangdu Hospital, The Fourth Military Medical University, 1

    Xinsi Road, Baqiao District, Xi'an 710038, PR China.


    Bee venom injection as a therapy, like many other complementary and alternative medicine approaches, has been used for thousands of years to attempt to alleviate a range of diseases including arthritis. More recently, additional theraupeutic goals have been added to the list of diseases making this a critical time to evaluate the evidence for the beneficial and adverse effects of bee venom injection. Although reports of pain reduction (analgesic and antinociceptive) and anti-inflammatory effects of bee venom injection are accumulating in the literature, it is common knowledge that bee venom stings are painful and produce inflammation. In addition, a significant number of studies have been performed in the past decade highlighting that injection of bee venom and components of bee venom produce significant signs of pain or nociception, inflammation and many effects at multiple levels of immediate, acute and prolonged pain processes. This report reviews the extensive new data regarding the deleterious effects of bee venom injection in people and animals, our current understanding of the responsible underlying mechanisms and critical venom components, and provides a critical evaluation of reports of the beneficial effects of bee venom injection in people and animals and the proposed underlying mechanisms. Although further studies are required to make firm conclusions, therapeutic bee venom injection may be beneficial for some patients, but may also be harmful. This report highlights key patterns of results, critical shortcomings, and essential areas requiring further study.


    To my knowledge, there are no specific studies on bee venom therapy in gout patients, though one study in mice reports significant increases in uric acid.


    I think bee venom falls iinto the “counterirritant” treatment school of “medicine.” It works pretty much like this:

    If your left foot is KILLING you, you take a hammer and smash it onto your RIGHT foot as hard as possible. Your LEFT foot will stop hurting.


    A less startling use would be to put on a linament for a backache. The more the linament BURNS the less will be the notice of the backache.


    Thanks guys good thing i found this site. Im about to try the bee venom thankful i ask first, and whats for me now i tried alopurinol it worked before but i had an severe skin dryness what else can i take ? Ive been reading about natural remedy so many of them what really works?

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