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    There’s an interesting discussion about back pain and gout in my gout support circles:

    This refers to an article about unusual gout symptoms, of which back pain is one of 5 mentioned. If the post soes not show in your browser, you can see it at

    Do you have any back pain with gout, or other unusual gout symptoms?

    Keith Taylor

    One of the comments on that prompted me to search for sacroiliac joint gout. I found an interesting case study regarding a 53 year old gout patient with back pain:

    Our case highlights a number of important points:
    (1) Targeted history-taking localized her symptoms to the SI joint, even though she was complaining of “back pain.”
    (2) Detailed clinical examination confirmed the SI tenderness and also the peripheral joint involvement (which she had not complained of), allowing investigation to be directed to the correct areas.
    (3) The importance of attempting joint aspiration: gouty crystals were seen in washings from the SI joint, although no free fluid was obtained.
    (4) Plain radiographs of the SI joints may appear normal, despite significant MRI abnormalities.

    Also, plain radiographs of the feet may reveal erosions typical of gout, even when there is no history of attacks

    You can read the full report at

    Of course, my advice remains: get uric acid down to 5mg/dL before gout spreads to your back or to your pelvis.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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