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    My husband is diagnosed with pseudogout.? He is taking colchicine–with no noticible help.? Also taking prednusone and vicadin–the only things that work but can't be on this long term.? He has only 40% of kidney function, so we are fairly certain that is where the gout is originating.? Diet–no matter what, doesn't alleviate symptoms.? Tried that for a couple of months before being told that this kind of gout is not effected by diet changes.?

    Is there anybody out there with pseudogout, who has found some help??????Embarassed? We are desperate for answers.? Without the prednusone he can barely walk. — all in his knee.


    I've seen reference to Meds for PsuedoG somewhere- a quick search doesn't show- but I think they were dedicated pain killers -rather than? drug for the metabolic build up that causes it.

    It seems to take a slow time receding in many cases.

    I just hope it's not actually as painfull as full blown Gout- but I gather it can be. 🙁

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