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    hi 🙂

    im 21 and i have gout its been confirmed by 7 blood tests because my doctors didnt beleive it could be gout because im female, 21 and i have no history of it in my family so they are still having a fight about it because they still seem to think it cant be what it is anyways the question i have is there any alternitive to allopurinol because i really dont want to take it because of the ties it has to steven-johnson syndrome and you have to stay away with people with colds and other illness and that really isnt a option for me

    So if anyone can help i would be so so greatfull because at the moment i am just living with the attacks untill i can find a solution and my doctor is a idiot thank you nhs


    Allopurinol is a pretty innocuous drug. And there are three or four alternatives…buit probably none more risk free.

    BUT and this is a BIG BUT…it is very likely you do not have gout. For a 21 year old women the chanaces arre miniscule. Before you get on a life of drugs make TRIPLY sure of that diagnosis.

    Can you share wit us the results of those 7 blood tests and was it a good rheumatologist who made the call. What kind of symptoms have you had? Have any drugs made a difference, like colchicine or prednisone?


    they wouldnt share with me my uric levels except to say it is steadily increasing over the blood tests it was my gp who got the test results back and they were checked at by the orthopaedic surgeon

    ive had typical gout symptoms according to the doctor it started in my left big toe where it swelled and it was hot to touch i couldnt walk for about 7 days when it first started but then it was gone

    my doctor gave me diclophenac but it didnt make any difference and then he just said take ibuprofen untill they could determine if it is gout by the 8th set of blood they have taken today


    steven-johnson syndrome is very rare from my understanding.  It scares me too. I have been on AlloP for 1 month and apart from feeling tired I seem to be doing ok.

    Can steven-johnson syndrome occur anytime or is it mainly at the start?

    That said some people have peanut allergy but that does not mean that the whole world stays away from peanuts. So AlloP can be your best friend if you don't react negatively to it.


    originallyyours said:

    they wouldnt share with me my uric levels

    What the…..

    Why won't they share it? I also think that you might have somethig else but I do know another girl in her 20s who has Gout too. She is not overweight and infact slim. So all is possible. Have X-rays been taken? Get triple opinion as lot of Docs are useless.


    originallyyours said:

    is there any alternitive to allopurinol

    my doctor is a idiot

    I take “uloric” because I cannot take allopurinol. You can read about it at   However, it is a new drug (came out a year or two ago) which means it comes with at least 2 disadvantages:  1) it's still brand name only, so very expensive and 2) having only been out for <2 years, all potential side effects are unknown.  Allopurinol has been around a lot longer and generally has minimal side effects.  I wouldn't avoid Allopurinol because of concerns over a rare side effect, but if you have other reasons, Uloric might be an option for you.

    i think there are a couple other options that others on the site might suggest.  Some people can also manage their uric acid levels with diet, etc.  Just be sure you know what your UA levels are.

    As for the doctor, be sure you are seeing a rheumatologist.


    [from duplicated post] i dont know why he wouldnt share it it may be because he is an idiot is what im guessing

    I think you're guessing right – reluctance to share data is a sure indication that the holder doesn't understand it.


    Just read your post properly, and I see from the NHS reference that your being [mis]treated in the UK.

    Are you near enough Yorkshire for me to send the boys round?Wink


    he finally shared it today but im not sure if he knew what he was on about after reading what everyone else has said about there gout levels i it has gone from 500 to just under 700 and i dont think somehow he is telling me the right thing or just hasnt read it properly

    he finally referred me to a rheumatologist after i called him a idiot and unfourtunatly im too far south for you to sort him out it would be nice to see him taken down a peg or two though

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