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    Dorian Kramer

    I have been checking my levels every morning and I am wondering if I am doing it too often I had a spike of 7.7 yesterday down to a 6.7 today, sonce I am trying to see if what I am doing is working with the chianca piera , banaba and diet I was checking for regular changes but now I am wondering if that is too often


    Hi Dorian. I wouldn’t think you were checking too often. Just my opinion. Could be wrong. What meter are you using. I had one but it didn’t work. All I got was sore fingers.


    Testing frequency really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

    When I used my uric acid test meter, I used to test most days. I was trying to understand how my uric acid levels responded to diet changes and weight loss.
    For weight loss, it probably made more sense to test monthly, but I also wanted to see if reducing my meat intake would reduce my uric acid levels. In the end, though I could see an improvement, I realized it was insufficient to make my uric acid safe. Eventually, I gave up on the meter due to the expense of test strips.

    Along the way I realized several facts about testing that are important:
    – Always test at the same time of day (unless you are trying to see the effects of particular foods, supplements, etc).
    – Always test at the same time relative to meals.
    – Be scrupulously clean and methodical in your testing procedure.
    – Pay very careful attention to blood droplet size – it must always be the same for consistent results.
    – Trends and averages are more important than single results
    – Be prepared to ignore abnormally high or low results
    – Be prepared to waste several strips whilst gaining a consistent testing routine.

    Other home testers have found it very useful to compare home tests with occasional lab tests. I seem to recall one person using his test machine with a droplet of blood taken for lab testing.

    Dorian Kramer

    I am using the easymate tester and overall it has seemed consistent, I am staying generally in the 5.5 range at around 5 in the morning

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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