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    Beth B

    I went to the doctor 3 times before she finally did a blood test. My hands hurt so bad I was crying but the dr didn’t believe me and accused me of being a narcotics abuser! I was not asking for narcotics, but for her to figure out why I was in agony. My uric adic level was 7 so she started me on Colcrys. That made my who body hot and I felt pins and needles. She switched me to Allopurinol, each time I take it I bleed bright red blood. Dr says that is not a side effect and refered me for a colonoscopy. I can’t get that untill October. The pain was excruciating for about 2 months. Yesterday I woke up pain free. I am affraid to discontinue the allopurinol. I also have an RX for Meloxicam, which she insisted I take even though I feel all better. I have struggled with joint pain my whole life. I used to just take asprin, which worked 100%. Now told asprin is making it worse I did switch to Naproxin 550. And I have this large marble size tophi on my hand. I feel like draining it myself. Dr said if it is drained it will come back bigger?


    This is not the way to deal with gout.

    Either you have misunderstood your doctor, or she is dangerously under-qualified.

    You must see a rheumatologist immediately. This is far too serious for me to deal with on an Internet forum.

    You need urgent medical assistance from someone qualified to treat gouty arthritis. As I have no idea who you are, where you live, or anything else about you, I cannot say more. This forum can only help you understand what your doctor says, and what you have told me makes absolutely no sense.

    A rheumatologist will understand that:
    1. Allopurinol and Colcrys are used for two different things. Allopurinol is for uric acid lowering. Colcrys is part of a pain relief package that you need until allopurinol has done it’s job.
    2. Both medications have alternatives that MIGHT be better for you. This can only be judged with full information about medical history and (for allopurinol) racial group.
    3. Different painkillers have different effects, and you need careful guidance on the best choices. This is a personal matter, so it is unwise to listen to general advice on which anti-inflammatory is best for gout. It has to be what is right for you, and with blood loss, you are obviously not getting the right advice now.
    4. Draining tophi is a perfectly acceptable treatment, if they do not respond to uric acid lowering treatment.

    Please seek proper medical attention urgently.

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