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    Has anyone experience side effects related to vertigo, fogginess/can't think clearly, even depression with Allopurinol?  I read studies that there is a low %.  My husband started not feeling right on this med around 6 months and continued feeling this way until they took him off of the med at 10 months.  He stopped the meds on a Friday, took blood work that following Tuesday and her Uric Acid Levels were High again!  The Dr.'s state that he needs to be on something due to his Uric Acid Levels are very high.  What alternatives are there? I understand that he may need to take a pil every day for the rest of his life, but it appears that there are many side effects to these medicines.  He states that he needs to take something because he never wants to have the pain again.  He had attacks on a monthly basis and has not been able to exercise in years due to the increase of gout attacks.  This all started in this mid 30's.  Is there something safe that can be taken or done daily to lower Uric Acid Levels?


    Ask the doctors to try febuxostat – a newly available drug marketed under the brand name Uloric in the US and Adenuric elsewhere.

    Please let us know how he gets on.


    What good news that the FDA approved Uloric…AND JUST THIS MONDAY! My hunch is to approach this newest development with caution since it has not been without serious side effects in clinical trials. It is also likely to be expensive for a while if history teaches us anything,

    “The most commonly reported adverse events in Uloric's clinical trials were liver function abnormalities, nausea, joint pain, and rash, according to Takeda Pharmaceuticals.”


    I have never had the slightest hint of allopurinol side effects from 20 years of daily allopurinol. I wish I'd never read about possible side effects since it can spawn a case of imaginitis. I hope you and your husband MADE SURE that the allopurinol was causing whatever untoward symptoms he was experiencing, perhaps with stopping then restarting the drug to see whether the side effects abated and then recurred.

    Alternatives are several drugs that work to remove excess uric acid rather than reduce its manufacture. These include probenecid, sulfinpyrazone and benzbromarone. Yes, your husband will need to be on something becaue untreated gout is a killer. Historically the easiest one to take has been our friend allopurinol.


    I checked several large drug chains online for Uloric availablility. Couldn't find it yet…I guess htere's a time lag.

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