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    I just started taking Allopurinol 100 mg and Colchicine with it for about a week because we all know in the beginning of treatment attack is very common.
    Now to the question. When i go up, say to 200 or 300 mg, should i take Colchicine too?
    And generally – how many of you had an attack when started to take Allopurinol? I started 6 days ago and from the beginning i feel ocassional tingling in my foot, not a pain, just strange sensation. Maybe it’s the body adapting to the drug. I hope this sensation won’t become something more serious…


    My doctor advised me to take 1 colchicine for at least two weeks after an increase in allopurinol dose, then take another at the first sign of an attack, to a maximum of 2 colchicine per day. I had very few attacks, but when they happened, I either coped with the pain, or took an anti-inflammatory, occasionally supported by a compatible analgesic.

    Your doctor or pharmacist should advise you about the best combination. In my case it was ibuprofen and acetaminophen (paracetamol), but other combinations also work. Do not be tempted to self-medicate, as most pain relievers should not be mixed. Who ever advises you must be told about any other drugs you take, and also herbal remedies and diet supplements.


    Thank you very much for the info.
    You are saying you’re taking ibuprofen and paracetamol along with colchicine?


    Not currently, as allopurinol is controlling my gout effectively, and I have had no flares for over a year.

    In the past, I used exactly that combination to stop gout pain. If you search for “pain freedom” in the box near the top of each page, the results will explain more. In a nutshell. Colchicine stops inflammation spreading. Taken early enough, it was often all I needed, but if inflammation got hold, I took ibuprofen after a couple of hours if pain persisted. On a few occasions, inflammation did not reduce quick enough for me, so I took paracetamol after 2 hours. If necessary, I repeated the two hour cycle of ibuprofen and paracetamol, but only rarely did I need to repeat.


    Another very valuable information. Thank you. I’m very glad that i found this forum.


    Quick update: i’m on Allopurinol (100 mg daily) for two weeks and my uric acid dropped from 9.6 (measured 26.06.2013) to 5.3 (measured today).

    Low-purine diet (no any kind of meat, zero alcohol), at least 3 liters of water daily, occasionally cherries, lemon juice and baking soda for about a month.

    I’m going on vacation soon and i wonder if i could start to drink alcohol safely.


    I forgot to add something. I’m asking this because i fear that my uric acid lowered because of the diet, not allopurinol and alcohol right now could trigger an attack…


    Another update and a couple of questions about allopurinol:

    It’s nearly two months since I’m on allopurinol. From time to time my right leg feels numb and stiff. Sometimes I feel also occasional pain in the joint (big toe, right foot), where my gout first appeared in. Fortunately, these pains are minor. I guess this is happening because the body is purified with allopurinol from accumulated crystals. Is it right thinking?

    My question is: how long does the process take? How long do I have to be on a diet before I dare go back to normal eating and drinking? And a more general question: What if I forget to take a daily dose? Or the two days I forget to take allopurinol? Is it a serious cause for concern?

    I have a home testing kit. Blood test results are quite positive, uric acid does not rise higher than 7 mg/dl (most of the time it’s about 6 mg/dl), but the sensations that sometimes I feel, makes me very cautious. I do not want to make those “pains” worse.

    I’ll be very happy to read about your experiences with this drug.


    lm now on 300mg of allopurinol one a day, gradual build up since February and 0.5mg colchicine twice a day, since last November. Recently l have been getting really bad tingling in the legs when l sit down and in the hands. Should l stop taking them?


    No, @dc2400969, you should not stop taking the allopurinol. At least not until you have had a uric acid check and discussed it with your doctor. It seems a long time to be taking colchicine. It should not still be necessary if allopurinol has brought uric acid below 5mg/dL.

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