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    Hello I have had a serious gout attack over 3 months ago and I am still experiencing pain in my toe and left knee which is occasionall in both toes. I am taking Alluperinal and am taking bufren 400mg 2 – 3 times a day depending on pain . Is there anything else I should do I am trying not to eat high purine foods ie no meat and no fish.


    I'd hate to take that much Ibuprofen on a daily basis.

    I'm just trying out the black bean broth solution that seems to be in vogue at the moment, but it's still boiling in the pot.

    What's always helped me stay gout attack free was excersize and lots of water.


    I've been experimenting for a while on this natural remedy angle. Recently, both big toe joints , the site of numerous previous attacks ,were starting to signal their presence in the evening and morning. I did the BBb which I think can help- but the niggles went on. I am back on 2 low dose diuretics for BP again, as I need them. They are not helpful with gout though!

    Now that fresh cherries are not available -I 've been using bottled  [too washed out and plenty of sweet fluid to avoid] – so back to the next thing Cherry Jam-

    I've been piling on the Morello based compote with bread, yoghurt and cereals as much as possible. It seems to have helped as today things are eased off noticeably. I did note that this  cherry [Lidl's] was quite tart in taste and I wonder if this acidity is an indicator of its' usefulness for Gout.

    There's no doubt that Cherries are well regarded dietary wise for gout and though admitting they can be a big variable as to quality and efficacy- it's worth doing a bit of research on sources for  these and persisting. Every little bit helps in this search for stable SUA and quiesent joints.

    Maybe OP, by now  -your drug therapy has eased matters , anyway?



    I am presuming 300 mg. allopurinol…that is wise and requires some patience for some people.

    What is clearly not working is your ibuprofen even at that high dose. For me it would cause unbearable stomach pain. You have given ibuprofen a valid trial perios and I think it is time to try something else. No sense beating a dead horse. 

    I recommend colchicine

    Since your pain doesn't sound excruciatingly acute I think something like 2 or 4 pills a day (around 2 mg. total) until your pain resolves. If it works it will work pretty quickly.

    Aspirin: A dreadful gout drug (although a marvellous HEART drug) that retains uric acid when dosing is low BUT people who can take 16 tablets a day (5 grams) can dump uric acid at a furious rate. But again, this takes a cast iron stomach. Back in the old days, that was the standard treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Most urate dumping seems to come in days 3 through 10…don't ask me why.

    If you cannot get cochicine from a sadistic doctor, a better alternative than ibuprofen is indomethacin. You might alternately want to try 2 or 4 naproxen daily (Aleve is the more expensive patent version.) In the States, both versions are cheap available over-the counter without Rx.

    So the choice is yours but there seems little point in going on with the ibuprofen.

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