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    Haven't visited the site for a while, is there a new look about it?

    I have been on Allop for 2 months now although only 100mg a day. Whether it has any effect on mu UA level I don't know. I was experiencing no side effects till a fortnight ago and still don't know if I am, so I will ask you pro's.

    I had a holiday in Egypt (missed the sharks) and it was extremely hot. I drank plenty whilst I was there (water by day, brandy by night) and since I have been back ( 2 weeks) have experienced mild constipation. My stools are dark and I visit the lavatory 4 times a day and pass 1/4 load each time for example. I also have some stomach ache which comes and goes too.

    Could it take 2 months for side effects to kick in. Have these side effects been experienced by any of you guys or are they known side effects.

    The only side effects I have read about are the opposite ie. diarrhoea.

    I have to ask as I also have a gastric hernia which hasn't been operated on because it has given me no trouble. I am obviously concerned that perhaps food is being restricted and that is my problem. That could be a load of tosh since I am medically naive.

    Any help, advice? or info welcome. Thanks.


    Constipation isn't an expected? side-effect of allopurinol. Nobody here has reported it.


    Maybe diet change between Egypt and home were a shock to the system.


    But if you are going 4 times a day, it doesn't sound like constipation. Try to up your soluble fiber intake…maybe something like daily psyllium (Metamucil and cheaper store brands.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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