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    Hello again!

    I know what the doctor says but, I still want to live my life too!!

    Currently taking 300 mg of AP and will retest middle of December to check SUA but, want to enjoy some suds too. Have ventured as far as 5 or 6  bottles a few times a week so far with no major issues. Always pound water before I go to bed and take a vitamin C (I take a 1000mg 2x daily)

    Is there any real danger with alcohol and taking Allopurinol?? I don't want to purposely get myself into trouble.

    Thanks for all the great information!!


    Beer Drinking photo
    Can you drink beer when taking allopurinol?

    Beer and Gout Update

    I’m reviewing all my beer and gout articles. So, are you are interested in more information about beer for gout sufferers? Then please share your questions, opinions, and experiences at Beer and Gout review.



    The consensus is that beer drinking is a fairly potent gout trigger for many people and it might be for you absent the allopurinol. The drug allows us to enjoy life's pleasures without gout attacks in ways that those who are trying non-drug measures cannnot.

    You will likely be able to tolerate the beer with the daily 300 mg. allopurinol but be mindful of any toe twinges that might be signalling an upper limit to the beer.

    Personallly, I find beer more dangerous than spirits on an apples to apples comparison, i.e., comparable amount of ethyl alcohol.

    Richard Bell

    Jeff, most of the reading that I’ve done on beer drinking points to a max of 24oz before the tinges start in most people but as they say your mileage may vary. I’m totally paranoid of doing anything that may start a flare up at this point and time so I have no personal experience in the matter.


    Completely personal view this time, and so I will precede this with the usual advice that you should discuss this with your doctor.

    When starting with allopurinol, you go through a phase of adjusting the dose to get uric acid down to target level. So, in your position, I would adjust allopurinol dose to match normal diet, not the other way round.

    I.e. Eat and drink as normal (assuming it isn’t posing other health issues) when you are establishing the dose you need. Because allopurinol should allow you to live your normal life.

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