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    Hey All,

    Looking for info on what pee tests I should tell my doctor I need. We established that my uric acid is high via the blood test. First test was 10.6! ugh.

    Started Allopurinol.

    One month at 100mg and I retested at 8.6.  Was told to increase my dose to 200mg for 3 weeks and then we would retest. Did that for about 4 days and then after reading information on this site I emailed my doctor and told him I was going to bump up to 300mg. Been on 300 mg for about 4 days now so I plan on retested my SUA in about 2 weeks.

    Anyway I keep reading about 24 hour pee tests and want to make sure that I ask my doctor about the correct test. What tests should I be taking to determine how much UA I excrete in my urine?? Also what will the test tell me?? I want to know if I overproduce or under excrete. Thanks for any feedback. Oh also ordered my SUA home tester from Artic Medical. Should get here in about a month. They are currently out of the cleaning solution.




    The 24 hour urine test measures your total uric acid clearance in a day. As far as I know, there are no varieties of this test – just a standard test.

    It is normally done prior to treatment as part of your uric acid metabolism assessment. It is by no means common, and most doctors opt for the simplest and best solution of allopurinol if there are no confounding factors.

    Unless you are having problems with allopurinol, or are not getting your uric acid level below 6, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    The 24 hour test will be pretty meaningless unless you take a second test after so allopurinol for 2 weeks.



    I agree that it might be too late to have the pee test give any meaningful results when on allopurinol treatment. The most meaning would be gleaned BEFORE administering any gout drugs.

    I look forward to your serum uric acid reading in a couple weeks.

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