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      Rebecca Nahid

      Update on my Weight Loss & Uric Acid

      Some of you may remember a while ago I was posting that I was struggling to lose weight. Exercise has been difficult as have been recently diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome so been in a lot of pain most days. Currently seeing a rheumatologist about it but diet was really hard because I was becoming fixated on foods that could cause gout even though I’m vegan it was becoming a professional probably linking in with my previous eating disorder.

      Tried low carb which was a nightmare and I tried sugar-free and thought about intermittent fasting but the thought of it didn’t sit well with me as I have low blood sugar anyway.

      I’m pleased to report that I’ve lost just over half a stone in 8 weeks doing slimming world it’s a nice slow and steady weight loss and I’m really happy. I can eat huge portions of food which suits me because I have a big appetite and I’m eating lots of carbs and things like beans and lentils rice pasta nothing is off limits. Plus getting plenty of protein with tofu etc and eating a variety of fruit and vegetables and still being able to have some naughty snacks as part of the plan. It has stopped any thoughts of bulimia and I am truly comfortable now with how I eat and I also eat breakfast which is a first for me as I never used to!

      Does Allopurinol help Weight Loss?

      Is Allopurinol and Weight Loss best for Uric Acid?

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      That sounds like a healthy diet. Hopefully you’ll stop losing weight naturally when you reach your most healthy weight.

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      Rebecca Nahid

      Thank you I haven’t got too much to lose my starting weight was 12 stone 4 pounds and I would like to get to around 11.

      I’m 5 foot 5 and completely ignore my BMI as it’s a load of rubbish. I look awful if I go below that the thing is it will take longer when there is less to lose as the losses are not so big each week but I don’t mind.

      Starting to get some odd pains again around my gout joint but I got this last winter and I am wondering if it is related to the temperature drop again and my circulation issues?

      Well I’m here I just wanted to ask as well how often is it recommended to have my uric acid tested? I had it done in June and it was 4.8 which was in the normal range I know the first year of taking allopurinol they recommend every three months to check the Liver but I’m thinking every six month is suitable for me to monitor liver and uric acid levels?

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      Keith Taylor

      Congratulations on the weight loss Rebecca. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also a huge fan of Slimming World meals. But I don’t bother with meetings – I just raid the freezers at Iceland! [apologies to readers outside the UK. Iceland is a food haven, not a country].

      Uric acid testing must always be at least once per year for anyone who ever had actual or suspected gout. Also, you should get kidney function and liver function tests at the same time. But that’s the maximum frequency during gout maintenance phase. So the maintenance phase starts when you have all three of these for at least six months:
      1. Uric acid below 5 mg/dL (0.30 mmol/L). Or 6 mg/dL if your doctor advises.
      2. No visible tophi.
      3. No gout flare or other symptoms.

      Prior to that, it depends on your situation regarding treatment. So doctors will normally start with monthly tests. Then this might be extended to three months or even six months. But that is entirely dependent on individual circumstances and not something you can ever apply a fixed rule or recommendation to. Except for the overriding recommendation which is to ask your doctor.

      More importantly, you have to view weight change as part of your uric acid treatment program. But even without gout, all responsible medical advisers recommend that you discuss weight loss programs with your doctor before you start. So the sooner you get blood tests, the better.

      Most importantly, I’m extremely concerned about your reference to 4.8 uric acid test result. In the UK, the standard unit of measure is mmol/L for uric acid blood test results, with a safe upper limit of 0.35 mmol/L. Though some labs use μmol/L which gives a safe upper limit of 350 μmol/L. So have you converted the 4.8 to mg/dL? or misquoted it. I feel we might have discussed this earlier. But I can’t find it in your profile. Anyway, it’s important enough to repeat.

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      4.8 mg/dl would be consistent with Rebecca’s older test results so I wouldn’t worry about potential mixups. But it’s easy enough to double-check the value and unit.
      And for whatever that’s worth, I think it’s worth doing another test considering what changed since June. With a small allopurinol dose, it doesn’t take much to raise one’s uric acid.

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      Rebecca Nahid

      Sorry guys I should have stated my uric acid in the mmol/L range! It is 0.27 mmol/L and my doctor seemed very happy with that so presumably I am okay carrying on with the 100mg as it seems to suit me.

      My last test was done earlier in the year I do have to remind my doctor as I don’t find that he automatically notifies me. He’s really good though and are usually just email the surgery for his attention and ask to be sent for blood tests which he happily does.

      I am really loving Slimming World I don’t stay for the meetings because a lot of it is not relevant to me and what I eat thought the people seem lovely.

      I’ve tried one of the ready meals but it wasn’t that great there isn’t much of a selection for vegans. I do love making Slimming World chips and roast potatoes and my favorite recipe at the moment is mixing cooked butternut squash with butter beans and garlic with some lemon juice and oil you can eat it hot or cold as a dip 😊

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        Keith Taylor

        My last test was done earlier in the year I do have to remind my doctor as I donโ€™t find that he automatically notifies me. Heโ€™s really good though and are usually just email the surgery for his attention and ask to be sent for blood tests which he happily does.

        That’s a great attitude to blood tests. Because gout patients have to take responsibility for their regular uric acid tests. That way, you feel more in control.

        More importantly, mistakes can happen in even the best run medical practice. So occasionally reminders can go missing.

        I hope every gout sufferer reading this will follow Rebecca’s lead. Make sure you get uric acid tested at least once a year. But more frequently if you’re changing uric acid treatment – and that includes lifestyle changes.

        Then when you do get your blood tests, start a topic to discuss your results. So we can celebrate together, or find ways to get better results.

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      Rebecca Nahid

      Thank you for your encouragement Keith I am normally a very proactive person anyway to be honest when it comes to my health having had breast cancer 7 years ago I will insist on being taken seriously by doctors, because initially when I presented with my lump I had a dr who was very dismissive and said it was probably lumpy breasts due to my period.

      So do you think that’s the whole 0.27 mmol/L is a good reading now for uric acid?

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