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Gout, uric acid and cherries

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      Dermot Fox

      I want to do a little research project with myself and a few others to see if our uric acid levels go down with taking tart cherries.
      In your opinion when do you think would be the best time to take an accurate uric acid reading. In the morning before food?
      I will test one group who is taking cherries with the other who is not.
      Also, which uric acid test reader would you suggest?


      Tart Cherries for Uric Acid

      Will Tart Cherries Reduce Uric Acid?

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      Keith Taylor

      Hi Dermot,

      This sounds interesting and I hope you attract many people who want to join in.

      I’m sorry to have to delete your email link. There are a few reasons for this that I won’t go into here. But if you want to discuss it further please start a new topic here in the forum or at my help desk. If you want to get update notifications to this thread click the Subscribe link near the title above.

      As far as your 2 questions:

      1. When is the best time to test blood for uric acid?
      2. Which is my recommended uric acid test reader?

      I’ll prepare some notes and post my opinions soon.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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