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Got the UA kit, the results are in…

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      So my kit arrived today. I was a bit nervous, trying to figure out how it works, would it be painful, and would the results be shocking? lol…

      Well, I figured out how it works, it was not painful, and the
      results were pleasantly surprising.

      and…drumroll… 7.7.

      Was expecting a lot worse.

      I thought it was going to be 9…as the UA “thought”
      about the score, I wondered: Maybe it’s worse than
      I thought. Maybe it’s an 11, or a 13…or 17.

      Anyway, no big surprise that it’s not a 4 or 5, right?

      I’m on day 10 of the juice fast, so it will be interesting
      to see if it improves as the fast progresses toward
      30 days.

      Regardless of anything else, I’m going to be testing
      it every saturday for the remainder of the year
      and reporting my results here.

      Uric Acid Test Kits screenshot

      Accuracy is important for Uric Acid Monitor choice. But, not the only factor.

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      Hi Johnson!
      For what little that’s worth (I’m no doctor or any kind of expert), I wouldn’t have been very surprised by a somewhat low reading. It’s useful to have objective data and to keep records over the long haul but I think it’s easy to over-interpret a single test or even trends that seem consistent over a month or two.
      Looking at my results over a few years, I see a couple under 6 here and a couple over 8 there. These are tests performed at my GP’s practice. I can’t explain these changes whether it be in terms of diet, drugs, weight, weather or exercise and my rheumatologist tells me they aren’t significant. Regardless of test results, I certainly expected a flare up at any time and did my best to be prepared.

      I hope I’m not intruding my commenting here by the way. Apologies if I mis-stepped.

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        Keith Taylor

        “I hope Iโ€™m not intruding my commenting here by the way. Apologies if I mis-stepped.”

        No, it’s great to comment on other people’s topics. I wish more people would do it!

        I like to think I’ve got pharmaceutical gout treatment nailed. But, I’m still a learner concerning gout diet. And my interest in herbal gout medicine is purely academic. So other gout sufferers experiences are very important.

        On the topic of home uric acid tests, I’m far from being an expert. I see the high level of detail in Blood UA Results, and other efforts by people like Mark. Then, I know I’ll never be able to offer the same quality of advice on home uric acid testing that other people can.

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      Keith Taylor

      “Iโ€™m going to be testing it every saturday for the remainder of the year and reporting my results here.”

      That’s great, Johnson. Like @nobody hinted, I believe trends are more important than individual results.

      When I used my uric acid meter, I ignored unusually high or low results. And, I plotted moving averages on a spreadsheet.

      It’s good to aim for consistent conditions. So, try to test at the same time each Saturday. Also decide if you test before or after breakfast. And, try to eat your final Friday meal at the same time each week.

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      Intriguing. Have you ever tried to quantify the variance due to the hour at which you eat the day before? Wouldn’t the makeup of the meal affect that as well? If the effect is large, Johnson’s diet readings ought not to be compared to routine readings.

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      Keith Taylor

      Keith Calling Johnson! ( @johnson-ater )

      Please can you guide me how you want your forum to be run. This is new territory for me. I’m not even sure if I’ve given you enough privileges to moderate it the way you want.

      Johnson, how do you feel about off-topic discussions in your personal gout forum?

      Love ’em and encourage ’em?

      Hate ’em and move ’em?

      Or, something else?

      Thank you for your patience during the early stages of Personal Gout Diaries. I’m sure that good etiquette will evolve. Most of all, I want you to be happy that your forum is helping you understand and control your gout.

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      Thanks for the comments Keith and ‘nobody’.

      Agree that there can be a lot of variance and its good
      to plot over time. Very interesting that link you
      posted where the guy had a UA spike after mountain
      biking. That tells me that body chemistry can and
      does change quickly. I am guessing those spikes from
      mountain biking could be from lactic acid making the body
      more acidic, or perhaps the body is involved in other
      processes and less on processing the blood. It makes
      me realize its all about keeping the body chemistry
      in tip top shape as much of the time as possible, and
      gives credence to the theory that keeping the body alkalized as
      much as possible will help gout.

      As far as the interaction, I welcome it.
      The more the merrier.

      Off topic discussions are fine. I doubt
      it will get too crazy. If it does, I’ll
      let you know.

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      Keith Taylor

      That’s great, Johnson.

      I like your main paragraph. It’s a good way of saying what I’ve tried to emphasize at certain times. If you have a healthy diet, gout has less of a chance. In my view, the ultimate measurement of a healthy diet is urine pH. But, only if it’s achieved by good quality food. Fruit and veg are the gout sufferers friends.

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      Can urine pH be measured? Are there kits for that?

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      Keith Taylor

      It’s very easy to measure urine pH. And, it’s pointless trying to alkalize without testing.

      Personally, I’d prefer some type of digital device, but I couldn’t find anything suitable. So, in the UK, I buy pH Health Medical pH Test Strips for Urine , which is cheap, and simple to use. That product is currently unavailable in the USA. But, there are lots of products for testing urine pH.

      Your target urine pH is always higher than 6.

      The target pH for urine in healthy individuals is 6.5 to 7 in the morning, rising to 7.5 through the day.

      So, make sure the product you choose is suitable for the right pH range. It must include the 5 to 8 range. It’s probably best to avoid any that include an Alkaline Foods Chart. In my experience, they are always wrong. But, you can ignore such false charts, and consult someone who knows what healthy alkaline diet means.

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      Uric Acid Home Check

      Do you have a recommendation on any home style Uric Acid checking products?

      Thanks for your help!

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      Please don’t comment on this thread as this
      one is simply a place for me to list the weekly

      If you’d like to make a comment, please
      use one of the other topics in my personal gout
      diary. Thanks.

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      Jan 21, 2017. 4:30 pm: 7.7

      Jan 28, 2017. 9:15 am: 6.0

      Feb 4, 2017. 11:40 am: 7.4 – note: too much blood on strip

      Feb 11, 2017. 3:30 pm: 7.7 – note slightly too much blood on strip but when I tried to test a second time with less i ended up adding more and messing the results (8.6) even though it looked like a lesser amount.

      Feb 19, 2017 10:50 am 3.7 — blood got 80% of the area. First week on Allo.

      Feb 25, 2017 3:30 pm 4.0 – looked like perfect measurement.

      March 5, 2017 1:05 pm 4.7 – slightly low blood. bad diet past week.

      April 15, 2017 11:18 am 4.3 – stopped measuring every single week as it appears to be stabilized but will keep an eye on the situation.

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      The one i’m using is UASure. Seems pretty decent but im no expert.

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        Keith Taylor

        I agree. The UAsure uric acid meter seems best. UK based, but they ship and support worldwide. Or, at least they did when I got mine.

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