Bentonite Clay Lowers Uric Acid

Any gout sufferers using Montmorillonite?

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      Keith Taylor

      A reader just sent me a pdf file of a report:
      Montmorillonite Absorbs Uric Acid and Decreases the Concentration of Uric Acid in the Serum. Thanks, Tom 🙂

      Montmorillonite is a type of clay, often sold as Calcium Bentonite clay. It’s been mentioned on the forum before, and I’ve mentioned it in a couple of articles. You can find these by searching Montmorillonite in the search box above.

      I’ll review this report when I get the chance. If you want my report faster, please add your comments below.

      Bentonite Clay Lowers Uric Acid

      Have you tried Bentonite Clay to lower your uric acid?

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      Keith Taylor

      Looking back at this topic, I can see quite a lot of interest in it from searches. But no comments from gout sufferers yet.

      Anyway, I’ve got an updated version of this study:
      Ma, Zhao, Li‐hui Long, Jing Liu, and Yong‐xiao Cao. “Montmorillonite adsorbs uric acid and increases the excretion of uric acid from the intestinal tract in mice.” Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 61, no. 11 (2009): 1499-1504.

      And the conclusion reads:

      Montmorillonite adsorbed uric acid, promoted diffusion of uric acid from blood vessel to intestine, prevented absorption of uric acid in intestine, and decreased uric acid level in serum and urine of acute hyperuricemia model mice.

      Related to this, I found a second report:
      Yun, Yu, Hua Yin, Zhiyi Gao, Yue Li, Tao Gao, Jinlian Duan, Rong Yang, Xianxiang Dong, Lumei Zhang, and Weigang Duan. “Intestinal tract is an important organ for lowering serum uric acid in rats.” PloS one 12, no. 12 (2017): e0190194.

      Which concludes:

      The present study established that the intestinal tract was both a very important place for uric acid distribution and a target organ for uric acid removal. This finding could open a new window for studying the uric acid excretion and provide new clues for SUA lowering.

      Personally, I find it interesting that we often focus on the liver for uric acid production, and the kidneys for uric acid excretion. But rarely do we think about the gut as a healthy way to control uric acid. So I’ll work these into the current fact pages at Gout Causes: 3 Types of Gout Not 2 and Uricase when I get chance.

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