Please see the discussion in the comments below about Ural sachet for gout.

Because this started as a discussion about baking soda for gout. But we now know that supplementing diet with baking soda or sodium bicarbonate can be bad for your health. Especially if you have raised blood pressure, which is common in gout sufferers

So, the discussion changed to Ural Alkalizer. But we can see this is yet another chemical mixture that should not be necessary with a healthy diet.

Therefore, I recommend an alkalizing diet for gout. Because encouraging alkaline urine will also encourage uric acid excretion. But you need to do this with healthy foods, not chemical supplements.

Please discuss alkaline diet with other gout sufferers.

Is Ural Safe for Gout?
Be Careful with Ural for Gout


  • zip2play


    I too take antihypertensives so extra sodium isn’t really appealing, but for those who would like to try the bicarbonate route what kind of dosage is recommended?
    Will a teaspoon a day do the trick? A tablespoon?

  • zip2play

    A quickie calculation computes that dosage as 20 grams NaHCO3 or 5800 mg. sodium. Before even eating a GRAIN of salt, that amount is twice the recommended daily maximum of sodium.
    Totally unworkable for me.

  • zip2play

    My take is that all these “cures” were anecdotal left-overs from an era when there were no decent drugs to treat the disease. Remember nature abhors a vacuum and the medical profession abhors it even more.

    Not long ago doctors were diagnosing disease based on the size, shape, and color of one’s stool and then prescribing bloodletting as the cure.
    When doctors, priests and shamans don;t have an answer they make one up…and then charge plenty.

    Heck if I had a kumquat orchard, I would bombard the web with kumquat cures for gout, cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s.

    Don’t count on diet to make much of a difference in a course of gout. The ONLY answer is daily administration of a drug, usually allopurinol, to keep uric acid below the level where it triggers gout. “Diet cures” are for the past, when there was NO cure!

  • zip2play

    I will look into the URAL, an alkalizer. Sounds like a good idea.
    Is it a citrate, a carbonate, a bicarbonate? I can’t find anything online about it’s composition. If you’ve used it it should say on the label.
    Do you know what it costs per 4 gram sachet?
    How is the taste?

    If it is magnesium citrate, does it act as a laxative?

  • zip2play


    I found it:
    Each sachet contains:
    sodium bicarbonate 1.76g
    tartaric acid 890mg
    citric acid anhydrous 720mg
    sodium citrate anhydrous 630mg.
    Also contains saccharin.
    This preperation contains 644mg of sodium per sachet which should be taken into account by those on a low sodium diet.

    I’ll see if my pharmacy (United States) has it.

  • Donald Marhefka

    I take four GoutCare capsules a day and did not have a gout attack for nine months. Then I had one. I think that maybe it’s because I grew lazy on drinking 80 oz. of water each day and fell off to 30-40. I did not know about baking soda but had a bottle of sodium bicarbonate on hand. It helped immensely. I took it for two weeks but the gout was cured after one week. Now I’m wondering what to do for prevention. I have an 18 month supply of GoutCare so best to continue with that. Of course, I should not get lazy with water in the future – 80 oz. minimun each day. I will try to each at least one “good” food each meal – at a minimum each day. Ie, today, I’ve had about three servings of mango. But, I live in China and, so far, can’t find the baking soda. I can get the sodium bicarbonate pills. I’m thinking of taking them for one week each month as a preventative measure. After I find the baking soda, I’ll switch to that. Or maybe they’re the same thing – I don’t know.

  • Whatever you take to help you cope with gout, the one thing you must do is get your doctor to check uric acid levels. If uric acid level is not kept below 6mg/dL, you are still likely to have a slow uric acid crystal build-up that will eventually cause you serious problems.

    Bicarbonate of soda, sodium bicarbonate, and baking soda are all exactly the same thing.

  • trev

    Ok Richard, How high is high?

    150/80 = Normal high
    180/90 High- needs drugs
    or mine recently
    >200/100 -under treatment too !!
    It’s, as usual, all in the numbers.
    I will howver pursue the use of SBicC with my doc. but I don’t expect much encouragement.

  • Timothy Smith

    Ok. First of all, I would like to start out by saying, I have never written a review on the internet. I was stupid enough to read comments about baking soda and water for gout. Cause I didn’t have the money to go to a Dr, the misconceptions and lies. Baking soda, vinegar. None of that crap works, and i’m here to reveal the truth. I followed the advise of these forums, and exact dosage. Hmmmm. Did it for a few days, till I could take it no more. Went to the ER, in hopes of getting a script for meds. Instead I got admitted, Dr thought I was trying to commit suicide. He said my blood pressure was off the charts, and I was on my way to a heart attack. They did am EKG on me, Drew blood all night. I felt like a pin cushion. Had 102 temperature. Did respiratory, xrays. All for WHAT? Cause I listened to a bunch of idiots that claim they have the solution to gout relief, the ER Dr did look up some of these comments and stated, people are dumb asses if they actually believe this crap works. Don’t do it folks, my meds only cost 4.00 bucks. But my hospital stay cost more, which I can’t afford to pay. Which they said they would help with a Portion. Also baking soda dehydrates you. Pills i’m on are. Prednisone,oxycodone, and ibuprofen. Was also prescribed colchcine, but that costs 400.00 without Insurance. Called Dr, he said i didn’t really need that. He said prednisone would do the job. And said. Next time go to urgent care, and they do have county discount programs for indigents. Or you Can always return to ER, but they will bill you out the Ying yang.

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