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Welcome to Treat Gout, the section of GoutPal where we look at all the resources you need to treat your gout.

I review gout products and services on your behalf, find the best value, and open the discussion so that genuine gout sufferers can review what’s on offer.

Disclosure: In most cases, the links lead to websites that pay me a commission if you buy. This does not affect the price you pay. The money goes towards providing my free gout support services. I appreciate your help with this, and I urge you to shop online through these pages – even for non-gout supplies. By shopping here you are funding free gout support for everyone. Thank you.

Do you need to Treat Gout?

Before you spend a single cent on gout products and services, you must ask if you need it. You certainly do not need ebooks that claim to show you the secrets that will stop your gout. There are no secrets. Everything you need to understand and control gout is completely free on GoutPal. I have seen most of these so-called secrets, and they are useless. If you are ever tempted to buy a report or ebook, please ask on the forums first. The chances are, I can get you a free copy. I can certainly explain, in detail, what the books are suggesting you do, and why it will not work.

Other products are only useful in the right context. For example, a uric acid test kit can be useful, but only if you are getting poor service from your doctor, or if you want to test the effects of changing diet. Whenever I mention any product or service, I try to explain the circumstances where it might be useful. This saves you the time and expense of trying things that are not relevant.

Treat Gout From Trusted Suppliers

Most suppliers I list use the Viglink system, which serves two purposes. VigLink deal with good quality suppliers. In this world, we must always be wary of poor suppliers, but at least with this service, we know that basic quality checks have been completed. The second reason is much more mundane. I get a small commission for anything you purchase via these links. You still pay the same price as you would anywhere else, but it helps keep this gout support service free. Current acknowledged suppliers include:,,
Auction and general sales. Extensive range of gout-related products that you can find by searching.,,
Books, health, and general sales. Extensive range of gout-related products that you can find by searching.
Prescription and OTC gout medicines.

Many GoutPal visitors also follow the above links, where applicable, for gifts, household expenses, and other non-gout supplies to help fund the free gout support services. If you make repeat purchases, please always visit via GoutPal links.

I am reorganizing the gout merchants pages:

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Please support the following merchants who have supplied products and services to gout sufferers recently: To see your country listed, please ask in the gout remedies forum.
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Gout Books. Gout book reviews automatically detect your country. You can also see country specific books through the national gout links above.
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I will also add new country specific pages for products and service, which will incorporate the items listed below.

What To Treat Gout With

If you want to treat your gout, these are some acknowledged products and services

Uric Acid Meter
See Uric Acid Test Kit for more information.
Food Composition and Nutrition Tables
Source of my Purine Rich Foods and Foods High In Uric Acid charts
Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Protein
Protein is good for gout sufferers, but remember to stay within national recommended daily allowance.
Nature Made Flaxseed Oil
Not gout specific, but flaxseed or flax seed oil can help to treat gout as part of a good plan.
Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate, Cheribundi Tru Cherry
Cherries and Cherry Juice for gout can be useful, but again they must be part of an overall gout control plan.
I mention pH testing in many of my Alkalizing Gout Diet Menu pages. My food charts are only a guide, but you need pH testing if you want to truly engage in this useful, though effective diet control.

I will add detail pages for these products and services soon

Where To Get Gout Treats

I cover USA, UK, and Canada. If you would like me to add your country, please ask in the gout store forum.

Treat Gout: Next Steps

This review needs you. Your feedback is vital so that other gout sufferers can see what works, and what doesn’t when they buy supplies to treat gout. Please discuss your experiences in the gout store forum.

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Getting Rid of Gout by Bryan Emmerson

In Getting Rid of Gout by Bryan Emmerson, the author provides a clear medical perspective on the nature of gout, and how to approach treating it effectively.

I’ve picked this book to mark the first step in my Stop Gout program – Prepare To Get Rid Of Gout.

Emmerson’s book covers more than my Stop Gout program, which I have restricted to gout treatment. My program allows you to prepare your own personal gout treatment plan. The personal approach is vital when you are trying to control gout, as everyone has different degrees of uric acid problems, and everyone responds differently to different treatments. I will produce similar programs for diagnosis and diet in the near future.

For now, let’s concentrate on Getting Rid Of Gout.

Read about Getting Rid of Gout by Bryan Emmerson

Nature’s Way Vitamin C For Gout

Nature’s Way Vitamin C is the most popular preparation of it’s kind for GoutPal visitors.

We know from studies of vitamin C & uric acid that vitamin C is helpful to gout sufferers. Just how helpful seems to vary between individuals.

As with many natural gout remedies, vitamin C is not subject to medical controls. Therefore, no standard dosing guidelines exist. It is wise to discuss vitamin C with your doctor, as you should with all supplements.

Read more about Vitamin C for Gout

Beating Gout by Victor Konshin

Beating Gout: A Sufferer’s Guide to Living Pain Free, is a popular book by gout sufferer, Victor Konshin.

Like GoutPal, Konshin shows gout from the patient’s view. It is a thorough, practical guide that explains gout and how to cope with it.

Though books do become dated as new gout treatments are developed, this one is still very relevant to all gout sufferers. Why? Because it is focused on an approach to managing gout that is almost timeless.

Again, like GoutPal, separating gout management into clear compartments is vital for the management of gout. Beating gout recognizes the importance of:

  • Confirmed diagnosis of symptoms
  • Proper treatment of excess uric acid and pain relief
  • Consideration of diet where it is relevant

Read why you need to buy Beating Gout

Gout Natural Remedies: Make Your Own

Gout natural remedies are often discussed on my gout support forum. The biggest discussion concerns black bean broth. Like many natural products, not everyone gets benefit from black bean broth, but if you do, it is cheap and easy to make.

The original recipe has spawned many varieties with different flavorings. It is all a matter of personal taste, so once you have made the basic broth, feel free to experiment with various herbs and spices to suit your taste. Perhaps a cocktail of natural flavorings know to help gout, such as onion, and turmeric, will give you the best results.

See the Gout Natural Remedies recipe for black bean broth

Gout Natural Remedies From eBay

I’ve noticed that gout natural remedies are more popular than gout home remedies in the USA compared to UK. Also, Americans prefer to shop at eBay, whereas Brits seem to prefer Amazon.

These cultural differences don’t really matter. The important thing is that you can shop for gout treatments that suit you. If you tell me where you like to shop, and what you like to buy, I’ll find the best bargains for you.

There are many natural remedies for gout. As long as you use them wisely, with a good gout treatment plan, it doesn’t really matter if you search for herbal, home, or natural gout remedies. What matters is that the product works for you, and you know how to verify it.

I have explained how to get a good gout treatment plan, and how to verify treatment choices, in my guidelines on Here, I look at some of the choices you have when you search eBay for gout natural remedies.

See examples of Gout Natural Remedies From eBay

EasyTouch Lancets For Uric Acid Blood Test

EasyTouch lancets are the disposable needles that fit a lancing device. You use one every time you take your own uric acid blood test at home. You must use a new lancet for every test to ensure conditions are sterile. If you are unsure about the reason for these tests, please see the Uric Acid Test guidelines first.

Please note that these lancets are gout specific. The same device is used to draw blood for glucose and cholesterol tests. This is great news as it means there is a huge, competitive market, so prices are lower. The only thing to beware when buying is to ensure that the lancets you buy are the right ones for the lancing device that came with your uric acid test kit.

EasyTouch lancets are one gout product where it is important to shop around. As an add-on to the uric acid meter market, many suppliers have high margins. Fortunately, the EasyTouch meter has a large number of suppliers. Later, you will see links to suppliers on eBay and Amazon. It’s always best to choose a supplier with a good reputation. Do not simply compare prices.

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