“Which remedies for gout suit my lifestyle?” ask the gouties.

Though drugs and gout diet questions are most frequent, we have many discussions about lifestyle issues, and how they affect gout.

Some of these issues can help gout, some hinder it, and many are not relevant.

Lifestyle Remedies for Gout That Work

What is best natural medicine for uric acid or gout?
Suf from the Phillipines asked this question. My response was that there is no single best natural treatment because you need one medicine to lower uric acid, and one to reduce painful inflammation. Of all the remedies for gout, if I had to choose one single treatment, I would say water is the best natural medicine for uric acid or gout.

Lifestyle Issues That Hinder Gout

Is sauna good for gout?
Answers similar questions like “Can you use a sauna with gout?”, “Does a sauna help with gout?” and “Does sauna treatment help gout?”. This discussion about gout and sauna warns about the risks of dehydration. Also see the gout reference page on gout, sauna and sweating.

Lifestyle Issues Not Relevant To Gout

What is safe?
Don’t worry about everything under the sun. If you have a good gout management plan, most gout patients should be able to enjoy a normal life.

Remedies For Gout – Next Steps

Look for similar questions in other areas of this Gout Treatments archive, and study the Gout Treatments reference pages for more details.