“Can food be a gout remedy?” is a common question from gout sufferers.

Despite the fact that food plays a much smaller part in gout than most people think, there are some food choices that you can make that are better than others.

Definite Gout Remedy From Food

Can orange juice make gout worse?
Worried about orange juice and gout? Ignore the people who warn against it – they do not know what they are talking about. Orange juice is good for gout.

Potential Gout Remedy From Food

Are figs good for gout?
Morin, a compound found in figs and other fruit, has been shown to reduce uric acid in rats.

Not A Gout Remedy From Food

Can i get uricase from foods for gout?
No. Uricase is an enzyme that breaks down uric acid. Some animals have it, but not humans. Rasburicase (sold as Elitek) is only available to patients at risk of gout due to chemotherapy. Efforts are being made to produce a form that will be better tolerated (PEG-uricase).

Natural Gout Remedy – Next Steps

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Natural gout remedy warning. Many natural gout remedies are foodstuffs or food supplements. No single food item should be considered except as part of a healthy balanced gout diet.

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