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Google Gout Research

Google Gout Research is a search engine for scientific gout facts. So I’ve teamed up with Google to provide gout sufferers with quick access to their Scholarly Search Engine for gouty arthritis.

Google Scholar

The best way to start is to enter your search query in this box. But before you do, please remember that most of the results include advanced science with associated medical and technical jargon. However, those results also provide a great starting point to gather good research data. Then, you can discuss your gout research in the forum.

Google Gout Research Restrictions

The Google Scholar search engine restricts results to those from recognized scientific sources. It does not totally exclude unreliable information, as even experts can get it wrong. However, it does reduce the amount of noise from unresearched, self-serving profiteers.

Fortunately, you can discuss your gout research results in the forum. Then other gout researchers can help you determine how your results match your stage of gout recovery.

Googling Gout Research Screenshot

Which Gout Research are you Googling?

Google Gout Research Alternative

As I explain elsewhere in these Gout Research pages, Google Scholar is not the only scientific gout search resource. Especially if you feel overwhelmed by the number of results. So I recommend using PubMed for gout research until you get used to summarizing large numbers of gout studies.

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