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    Interesting article shows how diuretics, though an easy fix initially, eventually can lead to loss of potassium (K) and hence then contribute to  more heart problems in old age.

    Acidification of the body is no help to a gout cure either!

    By way of explanation of my attitude to diuretics (apart from it precursing gout imo) is the remarks of a nurse customer, a few years back, who said “No one should be on Diuretics for as long as 7 years!”

    This article supports Zips' contention that K is low in Western diets and illustrates that less than half of PotBi Carb is elemental K in the process.

    Luckily,I've been Fishertarian for many years- or I would really be in the s**te- no messing!

    Diet is so important in keeping healthy and gout free. Drugs are not the same and our forebears didn't have to fight for their health like we have to now.

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    Lasix, as a diuretic will always lead to higher SUA if all the literature is to be believed over diuretics. (They are not good over long term, I gather, anyway)

    This happened to me with a standard Thiazide drug and on cessation my gout receded till recently :(

    Used with Losartan this effect may be mitigated- but why would the benefits not cancel to some degree- OVER TIME?

    In other words , this combination that works so well may end up as a double edged sword again.

    I'm on a Renin blocker now (Rasilex-[Aliskiren]) and this supervenes the job of both ARB's and ACEIs- whether it's that good will take time to evaluate- but it aint magic , as yet!

    I still slipped the old ACEI back into in the equation,as it seemed to help still.

    Maybe after 8 years on it- I'm hooked?

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    Comment to Jack..

    Yes, it's easy to agree about pill orientated mediics- but do they have much choice?

    That's also how they're trained to think and modern drugs have multiplied- and are complex in their interactions.

    Further , even if AlloP. is generally well tolerated it can still have severe side effects and this would preclude it being non prescription.

    In all fairness, would you like to be a medic and do it all from first principles- would you even get insurance cover?

    It's well published that a large minority of deaths are due to the wrong mediical intervention or hospital bourne infections, but the majority of people ( survivors) don't hang around to ask.

    It's long been said- Docs bury their mistakes.

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