Crushed Flax Seeds
The Best Benefit of Flaxseed Oil for Gout

The best-known benefit of flaxseed oil is its high Omega-3 fatty acid content. The benefits of crushed or ground flax seed for gout are even better. Please note that flaxseed oil is often called linseed oil. So everything you read about flaxseed applies equally to linseed.

Flax seed contains more than 50% Omega-3 fatty acid. This fatty acid (Alpha-Linolenic Acid or ALA) has cholesterol-reducing properties. More importantly, for gout sufferers, ALA is claimed to have some anti-inflammatory properties. I have to say, “claimed” as the studies are less than conclusive. The reaction of the body to fatty acids is very complicated. There are two main types – Omega 6 and Omega 3. For the best health, there should be a good balance between these. Most diets have too much Omega 6, so taking Omega 3 from flax or fish oil helps restore this balance.

Flax oil is easy to take. Only 1 teaspoon per day provides enough ALA. The oil can be poured on salads. It is also available in capsules.

Crushed Flax Seed

Benefit of Flaxseed Oil

As well as the Omega-3 benefit of flaxseed oil, the crushed seeds have 2 other benefits that are particularly useful for gout sufferers:
Lignans can act as an anti-inflammatory. They are usually lost as a benefit of flaxseed oil in the pressing process. Some oils do have the lignan compounds added.
Fibrous food is beneficial to gout sufferers as it reduces the risk of constipation. Up to one-third of uric acid is excreted through the bowel.

Crushed seeds can be sprinkled on most foods or added to bread dough etc.

Side Effects

The only side effect that I have heard of with flax oil is that it can occasionally cause a rash. If this happens, reduce the amount of flax oil you are taking – even at a reduced dosage you will still feel the benefit of flax seed oil. Crushed flax seeds, like most fibrous foods, can upset the digestion at first. It is best to start with a small amount. Then gradually increase to a maximum of one tablespoon per day.

Do you take flaxseed oil for gout?

Flax Seed and Uric Acid

Though flaxseed oil and crushed flax seeds are normally taken by gout sufferers to relieve painful swelling, there is evidence to suggest that flax seeds for uric acid:

Can Flax Seeds Lower Uric Acid?
Scientists have investigated the effects of flax seeds on uric acid. Though not a human trial, flax may help gout. See if flax seeds can lower your uric acid.
Flaxseed and Gout
Flaxseed oil and flax seeds are associated with gout pain relief. Can flax help in other ways? See it reduce uric acid. Is flax one of your gout home remedies?

This research is not based on gout patients or even humans. But it might hold some promise for future gout home remedies.

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