The Burden of Gout is a heavy burden to bear!

When we first get gout, we think it comes and goes.
We suffer the torture of a gout attack.
After a few days of misery, the gout flare subsides.
Then, we are back to our carefree ways.

Over the years, gout keeps coming back. The pain gets worse. More joints get attacked. Each attack lasts a little longer.
Except, gout does not keep coming back. Gout never went away!

Every day that uric acid is over 6.5, is a day your gout is getting worse.
Pain ebbs and flows. But, the burden of gout grows bigger every day uric acid is untreated.
You can play about with diet to make you feel better.
You can waste money on folk remedies to make gout suppliers feel better.
But what are you going to do about your burden of gout?

The Burden of Uric Acid

Medics speak of the urate burden.
The urate burden is a medical name for years of uric acid crystals that are locked in your body. It starts with uric acid crystals in and around your joints. The urate burden spreads beyond joints into all your organs. You might see visible tophi under your skin. You won’t see the smaller tophi developing in your kidneys, heart, and other organs. Your pathologist might see them, if he’s wise to the dangers of fatal gout.

Easing the Gout Burden

You need a properly managed gout treatment plan.
Your first priority is easing your uric acid burden.
The goal is simple: get uric acid as low as you can for around a year.

You are not safe until you reduce your burden of uric acid. You risk gout flares, and worse. Risks reduce as your burden shrinks. But, you should be prepared for short term gout attacks.

You need gout-strength pain management, and preventative treatment.
You and your doctor must choose from hundreds of pain control options.

Create your own effective gout pain control package.
Options are personal, but gout pain control principles are the same for everyone:

  1. Limit chance of inflammation
  2. Reduce existing inflammation
  3. Block any residual pain

I gave my personal take on those principles to a fellow gout sufferer:

until you get rid of most of the uric acid crystal burden, you are going to be at risk of a gout flare whatever you do. Please note that the following is not medical advice. Just my personal view of what I would do in your situation.

I would take one colchicine tablet each night, starting two days before the Winter Fancy Food show. If I noticed any gout symptoms next morning, I’d take another colchicine plus a max-strength dose of ibuprofen. I’d repeat that each day for the duration of the show, and maybe for a few days afterwards, depending on how often I needed the morning dose. If symptoms seemed to be getting worse during the day, I’d repeat the ibuprofen according to max-strength prescription. In extreme cases, I’d intersperse the ibuprofen with Tylenol (acetaminophen/paracetamol).

You need the right combination of medicines to control your gout pain. You must discuss this with your doctor. Myself, and other gout sufferers can help you know what to ask your doctor. We can help you understand your doctor’s responses.

Easing Your Burden of Gout

Heavy Burden of Gout image
Our gout forums can help you ease the burden of your gout. The old motto was never truer:
A gout burden shared is a gout burden halved!

Recent science proves gout treatment is much more effective with a mentor. Forgive my lack of references this time. I’m working on fully referenced proof that contributing in the gout forum can improve your gout treatment. It includes references to general pain control studies. They reveal, writing about pain makes it less severe.

I’ve moved my gout forum to a new website.
Now, you have many more opportunities to share the burden of your gout.
Let GoutPal’s Gout Community help you with your gout today.

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