Uric Acid Levels graphic

My Uric Acid Levels graphic illustrates Uric Acid Levels Chart, which lists common uric acid blood test result values by the degree of danger they represent.

My categories are:

  1. Safe uric acid levels
  2. Borderline uric acid levels
  3. Risky uric acid levels
  4. Dangerous uric acid levels

This is a more valid categorization than that used by most doctors. They will often refer to:

These labels, especially the misleading normal uric acid levels label, do not help gout patient recovery. Controlling gout relies on identifying uric acid targets during three gout treatment phases:

  1. Initial phase, also known as titration phase
  2. Uric acid lowering phase, also known as de-bulking phase
  3. Maintenance phase

Each uric acid target is specific to individual gout sufferers. There are common guidelines, but every gout sufferer should have their own individual gout treatment plan that defines their personal uric acid targets.

This is so important, that I also use this picture for other pages. For example, where uric acid levels are not manged properly, the result is Treatment Failure Gout.

You can learn more about the importance of uric acid, and how it affects gout, in my Uric Acid guidelines. If you still have questions, please ask in the gout support forum, where you can also share your experiences and opinions.

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